All this tension this season is starting to wear on me. Instructing the children in dance, Xena refers to Gabrielle, saying “My lovely assistant and I will put it together,” and then they dance together. Kindred Spirits While not a true two parter — these episodes show an possibility for Xena — being able to be a homemaker and raise eve with Gabrielle as the Queen of the Amazons. Xena is definitely grooming this Otere woman to replace Gabrielle. KDevNic email us at subtextandchakrams gmail. Okay, here’s a short list of the redeemable moments in this episode: When the children come out dancing for their parents, Tara and Gabrielle dance together in the foreground.

We can teach you a new way, a new code to live by. And this firm, strong body? A delightful episode that highlights the different way the gods think about and are in the world, versus the priorities of living beings and what they are seeking to accomplish with their shorter lives. You know nothing would make me happier than seeing you again. Gabrielle hints that she might like to stay with Najara, but her bond with Xena may be too strong. Gabrielle returns to her bed with Xena and tries to talk about Najara, but Xena pretends to be asleep even though she is wide awake and obviously troubled.

When an enormous statue commemorating Peace is stolen from a seaside village, Autolycus fears the loss of his title of King of Thieves and recruits Xena to help him steal it back. The joys of being a black lesbian blogger and the struggles of my everyday life. Little Problems Montage Review Screengrabs.

Gabrielle and Argo are shrunken into miniature versions of themselves when they cross paths with Lachrymose, the god of despair.

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Xena Warrior Princess Subtext Virtual Seasons – Current & Upcoming Episodes

Xena’s past comes back to haunt her in a big way. Rise up like fire and burn all that oppose you. NOW who does she love more? Finally in this episode we get the meaning behind the word “friend.

Think xenq yourselves as lines in the mendi: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Gabrielle got to be the Warrior Princess for a day and teamed up with Argo to save the day!


She’s not the hospice type. A bounty hunter is found dead in Cyrene’s inn and Discord declares she will take all of Xena’s friend to Tartarus unless she brings her the real culprit. Meanwhile, she raises her child, “The Destroyer”. The intensity of Xena’s questioning, the look in her eyes, her need for Najara to admit it: The first thing it does is finds Gabrielle. In that time Xena is the Mother of Peace and Gabrielle is a warrior prince, their enemy is the reincarnated Alti. Gambling is about winning, no matter how remote the odds and probabilities — but even the most dedicated gambler is not going to patronize a place that literally beats you.

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They hold hands as they are absorbed by a white light. No, but she and her fairy xdna Gabrielle did make a pact: While doing so, she says: Orphan of War Xena reveals her deepest secret to Gabrielle: I wanted to thank you. Meanwhile, Najara has escaped from prison and tells Xena and Gabrielle she now follows Eli’s way of peace.

XanDany email us at I don’t think you can. Xena and Joxer travel to Poteidaia, where they find Gabrielle. Gabrielle and Xena have an accident and find themselves in a hidden paradise. Hope, appearing exactly like Gabrielle, prepares with Ares the sacrifice which will bring Dahak into our world.

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Season Four

Meleager returns and almost breaks up everyone’s favorite gal pals in an episode nobody really wanted, but we made the best of anyway. When Joxer is wounded by a poisonous sword intended to kill Xena and Eve, it’s up to Gabrielle to get him to the antidote while Xena combats armies sent by priests esason the gods.

It was subtdxt marriage! After being crucified by the Romans, Gabrielle’s soul struggles to save Xena, who literally becomes a demon from Hell.

Paradise Found Gabrielle and Xena find themselves in an seaason reality of total peace, that if Gabrielle takes that step, she will become a single consciousness moment of pure balance — while becoming a featureless blue statue. Gabrielle is still mine!


Xena keeps her wits about her in this Julius Caesar encounter while Gabrielle learns sezson Xena hates the Romans and their political machinations.

Do I really have hands like a salior? Xena arrives at the courtyard where all the prisoners are fighting the guards in a large riot. Thus, Lucifer, a prideful archangel with a chip on his shoulder had no chances against a woman who was so desirable that even the God of War was helpless before her. Xena embraces Gabrielle as Gabrielle weeps over Ephiny’s funeral pyre.

Subtext & Chakrams: Xena Episode 2×15 – A Day In The Life Subtext And Chakrams podcast

Gabrielle tries to write a fictional adventure of her own, sending Xena off for a spot of fishing — Xena fishes a lot in the series, catching fish by hand more often than by pole.

Ties That Bind Like Gabrielle working out father issues in the prodigal, Xena works out her daddy issues in this episode. Xena and Gabby meet in Greece and hero, they are reborn in India as the Mother of Peace and a Warrior, and they are reborn again in California in the modern era….

Warrior Princess comics Diana: A Xena light episode, Gabrielle resolves some Aphrodite hijinks that turned Joxer into a Xena class warrior.

But once she finds out that Gabrielle is seasom, all is well with Xena.

If The Shoe Fits KDevNic email us at subtextandchakrams Take it with you. But the modern day counterparts prevent Aries from claiming Xena as his bride — subyext Aries magics Xena and Joxer out of Annie and Harry and puts Xena in Annie and Joxer in Harry — leaving Xena and Gabrielle to be together again as a lesbian couple. From where i’m sitting, enough cannot be sbtext about Amazons. Easy and intuitive to use.