Shunji shows unexpected mercy to Ueno Rie. That sexy frown of his is just Kang To is walking up. Baek Jae Jin Supporting Cast. The comrade shoots him a hateful glare and starts singing the independence army song. But then that girl portraying Mok Dan, I heard she’s still young You should see him in 1N2D episode

I guess he wants Mok Dan to be afraid.. He was dorky for the first 5 episodes but now he’s just hawt. Rie slapping Taro again. Kang-to recognizes him from the night in the hotel, and he scans the crowd for others. Lee Kang To Joo Won is one of those men. I can give him private lessons if necessary. And still he took a whip to her. This show once again captures my heart:

He’s still working for his own revenge and the good of the people is just a side benefit. But being a drama and a fictional one at that, it is probably toned down in that aspect. He notices when someone’s spying or something weird is happening. She looked like so vulnerable and really frightened for the first time. Again, slo-mo done right! That would have been hawt. Kang To has one last chance to catch the masked bandit before his superiors condemn him.

Meanwhile watcn the circus, Abe and Nande engage in a battle of strength by arm wrestling. Even Shunji couldn’t keep his eyes off it lol.

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He reports the failed mission to his father with head bowed and apologizes for getting overconfident. He watches with sharp eyes as Kang To deals blow by blow to Dan. Did I come here to torture the girl you love for you? Frozen in place with his arm holding hers, they stare at each other intently. Shunji heads out as Koiso tells Kang To to convene with the rest of the circus.


Kim Ki Hyun Supporting Cast. Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. I do understand your pain and your jealousy, however: Do you think this is what I gave up my mother and my brother to the empire for?! I’m not even into historical, action, hero dramas but here I am, so addicted and wanting more.

Shunji gaaksital the interrogation room and sees Kang-to sitting with his head in his hands. So this is the payment I get for my loyalty to the empire. Good to know I wasn’t the only one. Lee Jae Won Supporting Cast. Kang-to had gaksitql problems whatsoever torturing Mokdan in earlier episodes. Jun Hyun Supporting Cast.

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Such an amazing conflict playing out. Anyway, I was on the edge of my seat during this scene. As Gaksital carries the man out after downing the guards, he is confronted by Shunji. Kang-to recognizes him from the night in the hotel, and he scans the crowd for others.

QQQ July 5, at 4: He refers to the soldiers who pulled rank on him at the circus. Episode 3 Full Episode S 1: What I do know is that I want to catch that bastard and kill him in front of Mok Dan. Datch are commenting using your WordPress. When Shunji was dueling with Gaksital in the beginning of the episode, I cracked up laughing when Kangto looked down at his shirt-tie or ribbon as if to check if his shirt was still in place after Shunji sliced off part of that ribbon.


If Gaksital had better fitting pants, she won’t need a birthmark to identify him? If Kang-To does that it’s so baddass but I guess it’s way too risky anyway.

Jang Joon Yoo Supporting Cast. Episode 19 Full Wp S 1: But even when he was still the douchebag, all violent, cruel, no sympathy, hateful, torturing, takes pleasure in hurting people Kang To, I just couldn’t hate him. I may also be descending into the darkness.

And clocks his emotional reaction to Watcu Dan. He clearly had no feelings, even a tiny, teeny bit, for her. Jung Eun Byul Supporting Cast. I hate you more by the minute boy! I can give him private lessons if necessary. Episode 16 Full Episode S 1: Is it me or my comments looks like mini recaps. Oy, this is all kinds of twisted.

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Kang-to scans the room, then pins a message to the board—and Damsari sees that his note is addressed to his code name, Warch Tae-gon. I loved every minute.

This show once again captures my heart: Thank you so much for the recap! Jang Gwang Supporting Cast.