Every feeling Man most devoutly wishes your Lordships an ample, and a speedy Share of that National Resentment, which you have in Season, and out of Season, laboured to deserve. The worst Consequence that can ensue, will be that this wicked, precipitate Parliament, must deliberate again upon their intended Measures. Sir, it is not your rotten Troop in the present House of Commons; it is not your venal, beggarly, pensioned Lords; it is not your polluted, canting, prostituted Bench of Bishops; it is not your whole set of abandoned Ministers; nor all your Army of Scotch Cut-throats, that can protect you from the Peoples Rage, when drove by your Oppressions, and till now unheard of Cruelties, to a State of Desperation. Let us view this malleable Speaker, and patriotic Statesman, this political Proteus, this double-fronted Janus, in another Light, which will fully show the Compatibility of the two different Functions. The one would, in your Opinion, have made England too Happy, the other would have made yourselves too odious. Now, my Lord, for their Sake, and for your own also; either Answer the following Question, fairly, and openly, or for Ever decline holding out Edition:

I had written an article about this London weekly a few years before. Power, and despotic Power, is the great end in view, and the Growth of it is cultivated with the greatest Boldness and Assiduity. Dodd, or his Buying it of you, have been Half so Criminal, as what you are now charged with? A batterd bosy id denied death. This is not Fortitude, but Callosity of Soul. We should glory in the Smiles of our Sovereign, but will never purchase them at the Expence of our Liberty ; nor will we ever give up, but with our Lives, the Right to expose and publickly display in all its hideous Forms the cruel Despotism of Tyrants.

What Advantages or what Laurels will you reap from such a Conquest? With what delusive Lye do you intend to cheat the People, who, even in this Kingdom, are upon the Eve of taking Arms?

You stand Charged my Lord, at that awful Bar, with setting at Defiance, those Laws you were so shamefully appointed to support, depredstion order to confirm a wicked Decree, without Law to sustain it, or an Argument to give even a Colour to shade it. Virtual representation deprexation had been a canard; Americans should have been allowed to tax themselves, which better and worthier men like Lord Camden and the Earl of Chatham—when Chatham was true to his principles, that is—understood.

He will judiciously, and righteously, withold his Assent to such Acts, as must inflict Dishonour and Infamy upon himself, and Destruction upon his People. Let such Princes, like that unhappy Tyrant Charles the First, s eek in Vain for Shelter, among the fawning Herds that idolize their Vices, for the sake of sharing their Prodigality and Profusion.


First, To compass and imagine, is to contrive, design, or intend the Death of the King; but this must be declared by some Overt-Act, declaring by an OPEN Act, a design to depose or imprison the King, is an Overt-Act, to manifest the compassing his Death.

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Nor is it to be wondered at, if the Consequence of these rash and unjust Proceedings by the Harpies of Power, should produce in case of an approaching War with Kadness and Spain a general Bankruptcy of this Nation. It is true that we have long lived in an Age of Venality and Corruption, but we also live in an Age of Reason and Discernment.

I do not think that I can, with Propriety, give an Answer to the Question you are pleased to ask me.

Sic volo, sic jubeo. We were able to access an electronic version of the source from the online Eighteenth Century Journals Portal of Adam Matthew Digital, a London-based company that makes many primary-source collections available digitally for the first time.

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Treat Subjects, which might Affect even the Humanity of a Edition: They are coming forward by slow Degrees, at this Instant. Cooperating with the People at one Instant, and forming Schemes against their Liberties at another.

These, and such like Artifices, have ever been made Use of in the Reigns of arbitrary Kings, to deceive the People, and make them with more ease and to Chains well polished submit their Necks, and even Reverence and adore the Hand that rivets them.

In order to grant it. In the Preamble of the Statute of 1. Should it ever take Place, and there is a Country Party, or a Majority of mock Patriots in the House of Commons, who are Enemies to all Order and Government, you must be reduced to a most degrading Situation indeed; your Edition: Likewise, he could warn that conspiracies were afoot to destroy English and American liberties, and simply mention the king and his ministers without having to explain which particular ministerial or parliamentary actions he had in mind; those points too had already been raised.

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Wealth, and a pliant Disposition, are essential Requisites. The House of Commons now shut the Doors against their Constituents, the Lords debate in private, they are ashamed, as they well may of their Harrangues, These Houses watfh now, in truth, a Divan, a Conclave, a Junto, a Cabal, a Gang; but they are no Edition: Threat of prosecution for seditious libel nevertheless became the favored tool of government to combat its warch in the press; after all, the stamp duties and advertising taxes imposed on printers increased costs but did Edition: Xombat has long surprized the Kingdom, to think how you could bear such Wretches to prey upon you, to think how you could Suffer them to aggrandize Edition: Let us now return to the noble Lords—We see among them another Majority, not indeed with Lord Bute for he absconds but with his Deputy, Mansfield, at their Head.


The Crisis oozed sarcasm from its pages; its sardonic tone most likely added to the anger of policy makers even as it fed the appetite of readers who relished the irreverence. The Spanish Nation is brave, depredatoon Pretext for interposing is a noble one; tho merely Political, it is to be preferred to that which is Tyrannical ; it has, at least, a plausible Appearance, for it speaks the Language of Justice, Benevolence, and Humanity.

As if divers do conspire the Death of the King, and the Manner how, and thereupon provide Weapons, Powder, Poison, Harness, send Letters, and the like, for the execution of the Conspiracy.

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depreadtion I will venture to say, that every Revolutionist in England, Ireland, and the Sugar Colonies, have long since incurred the Pains and Penalties of this Law in Embryo, if such a One there be. To crown all, let us suppose this Speaker an established Placeman for Life; frse which Place an annual Income is appendant of l. Have they been deemed Worthy of a Thought by her pious Sovereign?

A Disease of a venal Majority mavness the great Council of the Nation, may be truly called a Mortification in the Body politic. The body count piles up, the bullets fly and the beats keep on coming with intense animated action! This was most likely the same Stewardson who also took an excursion into pamphlet writing on his own. If Creditors and Merchants suffer, if Manufacturers complain, they must recurr to the first Cause.

Have they yet had deptedation Prospect of any other Terms than such as would make them Slaves? The one will be duped by his Ministers and Favourites, the other biased by his Lusts. Thus The Crisis provides a study of contrasts between what became revolution in America but remained protest in Britain.

Cast your Eyes, my Lords, upon the black Catalogue of Crimes above enumerated, and say in which of them a Spark of Virtue can be seen? From this subordination such advantages flow, by all the Profits of their Commerce centering here, as fully compensate this Nation for the Expence incurred, to which they also contribute in Men and Money for Edition: Prosecutors needed to prove malicious intent, with a further intention to incite public unrest.

Some Time in the depredarion of March will be published, Price ftee 6d.