Nathan continues to woo Katerina and Tomas encourages his sister to entertain their neighbor as he will treat her like a princess. Daniel Can’t Trust Nathan’ Action Add Image S1, Ep8. Seeing how Katerina really wanted to go, Daniel recreates the prom inside the hacienda just for Katerina. Genia doesn’t lose hope though and she feels its time Marco knows the truth. Daniel Is Charged with Physical Abuse Daniel however acts awkward towards Katerina and she decides to go on a date with Jack, a classmate of hers. She also says Nathan already proposed to Katerina.

Daniel Is Accused of Stabbing Nathan Genia finally meets with Marco and reveals to him that Jean Meets the Montenegro Family Johanna could not stop from commenting negatively on this and Nathan starts to show signs of his uncontrollable anger spells. Katerina tells Genia that she likes Daniel and will do anything to have him like her back. Margaret thinks Genia is a gold-digger and is out to get revenge on her by getting to Marco. Daniel Can’t Trust Nathan’ Action Joanna Makes Her Move on Daniel

Nathan asks Katerina to give him a chance to love her. Margaret confronts Genia and she denies doing those things to Emily and Daniel. Miguel Unleashes His Wrath Katerina tells Nathan that he’s ‘basted’ and he wonders how she can decide on that too quickly.

Katerina’s Health Worsens by the Hour Staying with Joseph, his driven wife Margaret and their only son, Marco, in Olivares City is Margaret’s sister Virginia, who has no family of her own. She finds an opportunity when she learns about Marco’s playful bets with his friends about Emily.

Jean Meets the Montenegro Family Nathan Takes Henya as Hostage Instead, she pretends that she never Marco could not help but ask Emily about their son but she denies even being pregnant. Daniel loses his inheritance and he worries about how Tomas will handle his old boss’ dying business. Marco tells the caretaker he will meet with his aunt soon, after arranging the family’s move to Manila.


He returns home with his buddies, whom Daniel recognizes as the men who beat him up and took his money in Manila. Meanwhile, Marco tries to look for Emily but his Daniel’s Hanhgan Is About to Change William mortgages his land to help pay off Tomas’ debts and keep his business afloat.

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Tomas leaves his father’s wake to pay off his debts using the money from the mortgage. Katerina gets a letter from Nathan saying their family is coming back for a visit to Olivares. She tells them not to rush into falling in love as Katerina is still very young.

William refuses to help Tomas but when the latter tells Katerina that he is in big trouble, she helps change their father’s mind. After giving Tomas, a helping hand in his business in Manila, William had no other choice but to lay off some of their workers. Katerina, Genia and the Montenegros search for Daniel with the help of the authorities but walajg there was no sign of him in town or in the nearby farms.

When Marco brings Emily to meet augusst mother, Margaret does not approve of Emily for her son. Tomas continues to waste Nathan’s money at the gambling tables and starts to woo Johanna.

Nathan immediately goes to the neighboring farm to see Katarina and asks her to have lunch with his family. Walwng wants to take Nathan to a doctor once again but Jane says she doesn’t want to lose another child again. Jane’s Death Takes a Toll in Everyone Tomas rejoices, as no one knows he is the culprit behind the crime.


Add Image S1, Ep4.

Be the first one to add a plot. Genia however is puzzled where the money came from. Katerina faints due to exhaustion and Daniel tries to revive her. The police appear at Tomas’ home but Replya denies being maltreated in any way.

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William catches Tomas stealing money from his vault and angrily tells him to leave. As Virginia returns to the town of Olivares, she learns that Margaret is taking her family abroad. After a bad start, Marco and Emily find themselves falling for each other. Genia tries to heal Daniel’s wounds and becomes regretful why Katarina’s excitement over seeing Nathan isn’t shared by Daniel.

This website is part of the FamousFix entertainment community. Johanna continues to intimidate Katerina and Jane apologizes for her daughter’s behavior.

Waalng hacienda however is still losing money auust their crops seem to be inferior to nearby farms. Tomas tells Katerina she should marry Nathan to save their hacienda.

After seeing Katerina’s over made-up face and short dress, Daniel decides to follow the two and punches Jack after he tries to forcibly kiss Katerina. Who Was in the Plane Crash? She also says Nathan already proposed to Katerina. He confesses and William throws him out of the house for deceiving him.

Daniel Can’t Trust Nathan’ Action Katerina becomes jealous when Johanna discloses Daniel kissed her when they were in Manila. Changes Are Inevitable in the Montenegro Household