Now let me state that I’m actually a fan of Supernanny in terms of dealing with older children. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. I am curious to know why, during the weaning discussion, the word ‘wean’ wasn’t really used. But her mom and dad seem so happy about it. I burst into tears and shouted at her: I kept wanting to send that Mama a sling – she could have BF and done whatever she had to do with her little in a carrier What am I talking about? Anyway, I think u should carry on as long as u can as the benefits are huge to mother and child.

I just watched it and I think that mother had “issues” entirely larger than “breastfeeding”. What I didn’t understand was when they were trying to get her to go to sleep without the breast, they were perfectly willing to give her a bottle. Then she ruined it all in my eyes by talking about how a “healthy” bond could now result. I had to turn it off, too! She clearly knows jack about breastfeeding and I’ve seen her push moms to let children under a year old “cry it out” but when it comes to toddlers and older, I generally think that she’s got some pretty sound advice. She also taught her how to soothe the baby to sleep in her arms. The hitting had to stop to make the family healthier even if she wanted to wean her daughter.

For Jo Frost to be giving weaning advice is like me giving advice on how to fix your car — best avoided.

At least she’s getting them to stop slapping the kids There’s a 3 minute breastfewding email over at ProMom. Yes, breastfeeding a toddler can be demanding. The numb feeling remained with her after she left hospital. I was just watching Supernanny and getting so upset that Jo basically pushed that mom breastfeedng wean and pretty much said that the only reason for nursing a baby that old was because the mom was unable to emotionally let go.

However, it seemed to me that this came across as an ultimatum — keep going as you are and nothing will change and it will be your faultor choose to wean to fix the problem. She achieved none of the daily tasks she set herself — there was dust on the mantelpiece and there were muddy dog prints on the kitchen floor — and she spent her evenings in front of the computer ordering baby kit on Amazon.


There was a great opportunity to address an issue — a demanding breastfeeding toddler — and instead breastfeeding was belittled and pushed aside. Perhaps putting baby down to play more and have some independence Whilst dpisode seems to have a standard set of ‘rules’ and ‘techniques’, I don’t believe that she has a ‘one size fits all’ approach; she seems to tailor her advice and techniques for the individual families’ situations.

Mum can’t stop breastfeeding | Supernanny

Dammed ABC breastfedding dept! BB code is On. She had her do a bottle at first but then had her using a sippy cup at the end. Friday, 24 August Supernanny and breastfeeding advice. Saturday, March 10, While it’s more than possible, based on the Supernanny’s track record, that the show will go exactly as theorized more on this in a minute there’s also the possibility that the clips have been put together for the sake of gathering attention.

It in itself planted the seed that BF’ing a 14 month old is inappropriate and animalistic.

The Hancox-Smith Family

I’m definately writing to ABC. I posted complaints as Jo Frost’s site and the SuperNanny site. By carrying on feeding around the clock, you may be filling her up so much she doesn’t have an appetite for the solid food you’re introducing.

I’ll have to watch to the end now. Want to chime in with your own thoughts? Breastfeedint the parents-especially the dad-wanted the 6 year old out of their bed.

Supernanny and Extended Breastfeeding

She keeps the positive praise coming for both but isn’t scared to pull up either the parents or child when needed. I knew it would supernanng me emotional distress.

This topic is very important and I would like to see some positive action taken. I burst into tears and shouted at her: I had to turn it off, too!


To note, I’ve just posted my comments on the episode here. Or maybe I’m way off track and don’t belong here Stick it to the nanny! Visit our adblocking instructions page. Any changes or continuing with the situation as is needs to consider the benefits and disadvantages of all options. Who is she to decide that they should stop BF?

This is my first post here, so let me start off with I wholeheartedly agree this post.

I’ve never seen her deal with babies, though. Now, that said, if you want to get all lactivisty ha! She believes that discipline is appropriate, but that the parents need to have realistic expectations and scaffold the situation too.

I did shed a tear for the way they weaned that baby. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

K athryn met her husband, Liam, a surveyor, in her late 30s, and after two miscarriages they had almost given up the hope of becoming parents.

Kathryn Mewes: The supernanny who is now a struggling mum

I love how gentle she is with older children and breastfefding she calls the parents on their lack of discipline. I am not sure if this was actually a problem for the mother, or if she was just convinced that it should be a problem. In fact their spaniel, Bertie, who arrived 18 months ago, was intended as a child substitute.

I wrote to abc using the link on their website. Page “Four to five months is the right sort of time to start your baby on solid food. Note, this advice comes in the section for dealing with children younger than six months.