The principal investment techniques of the Focused Small-Cap Growth Portfolio and Focused Small-Cap Value Portfolio include investing in small-cap companies and thus may be susceptible to this type of arbitrage. An account cannot be opened with a Fund check. For the fiscal year ended October 31, , each Portfolio paid the Investment Adviser an annual fee equal to the following rates, expressed as an annual percentage of average daily net assets of each Portfolio: Neimeth has over ten years of experience in the investment industry, focusing the past five years on the large-cap value segment of the market. The Portfolio may delay or cause to be delayed the mailing of a redemption check until such time as good payment e. A special situation arises when, in the opinion of an investment adviser, the securities of a particular issuer will be recognized and appreciated in value due to a specific development with respect to that issuer. The IRS Form that is mailed to you after the close of every calendar year details your dividends and their federal income tax category, although you should verify your tax liability with your tax professional.

You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Someone such as an Executor other than the registered shareholder s is redeeming shares additional documents may be required. Equity REITs invest the majority of their assets directly in real property and derive income primarily from the collection of rents. If the Portfolio determines that closing prices do not reflect the fair value of the securities, the Portfolio will adjust the previous closing prices in accordance with pricing procedures approved by the Board to reflect what it believes to be the fair value of the securities as of the close of regular trading on the NYSE. Make sure your dividends and capital gains are being reinvested. The principal investment technique of the Portfolio is active trading of equity securities that offer the potential for long-term growth of capital.

Mid-cap companies will be subject to these risks to a lesser extent. Active trading of equity securities and other securities with equity characteristics of non-U. State Street Bank and Trust Company. Becker has forty years of industry experience. It includes approximately 1, of serjes largest securities based on a combination of their market cap and current index membership.


Risks from market timers. These certificates are in most cases pass-through instruments, through which the holder receives a share of all interest and principal payments, including sunamercia, on the mortgages underlying the certificate, net of certain fees. Focused Large-Cap Value Portfolio 1.

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Such notification must focusef provided in writing by the shareholder or other financial intermediary through which shares are being purchased. The following individuals are the portfolio managers of the Portfolios: Sales charges are not reflected in the Bar Chart.

serkes Your broker or financial adviser can help you determine which class is right for you. Active trading of equity securities of large-cap companies that offer the potential for long-term growth of capital. CMOs are fully collateralized bonds that are stratwgy general obligations of the issuer thereof e.

Focused Large-Cap Growth Portfolio. If banking instructions exist on your account, this may be done by calling Shareholder Services at between 8: Focused International Equity Portfolio 1.

SunAmerica Focused Series, Inc: Focused Dividend Strategy Portfolio

This volatility may result in an increased number of redemptions from time to time. Accelerated prepayments adversely affect yields for pass-through securities purchased at a premium i. The Securities and Exchange Commission has not approved or disapproved these securities or passed upon the adequacy of this Prospectus.

Sellecchia has a B. These securities may not necessarily be denominated in the same currency as the securities into which they may be converted.

View the dealer information on your account s. Trust Company of New York as an analyst covering the consumer and basic industrial sectors. Eagle, located at Carillon Parkway, St.

Someone such as strstegy Executor other than the registered shareholder s is redeeming shares additional documents may be required. Generally, you will receive an account confirmation: The Plan purchases and redeems shares to implement the investment choices of individual Plan participants with respect to their contributions in the Plan. For any questions concerning the purchase or redemption of Portfolio shares through a Financial Institution, please call your Financial Institution or the Portfolios at The Focused Technology Portfolio will generally invest in between 30 to portfollio companies whose principal business, the Adviser believes, will significantly benefit from advances or improvement in technology.


To protect you and the Portfolio from subamerica, the following redemption requests must be in writing and include a medallion guarantee although there may be other situations that also require a medallion guarantee if: From toMr. While the Portfolios have no stated policy with respect to the disposition of securities whose ratings fall below investment poortfolio, each occurrence is examined by the Adviser to determine the appropriate course of action.

Securities purchased in IPOs generally have limited operating histories and may involve greater investment risk. Each Portfolio has its own investment goal and a strategy for pursuing it.

Also, market timers may seek to exploit Portfolios that hold significant investments in small-cap companies, which may not be frequently traded. Walsh managed the technology sub-fund of the Alliance Global Research Sunamerics Product, a global sector-driven growth institutional and retail strategy, and was lead-manager for all other Alliance global technology portfolios since Consult with your tax advisor for details. The Portfolios reserve the right to reject any order to buy shares.

You should consult with your financial adviser to determine whether other share classes are more beneficial given your circumstances. While the securities selection process will take place on an annual basis, the portfolio manager may, from time to time, substitute certain securities for those dividenc for sereis Portfolio or reduce the position size of a portfolio security in between the annual rebalancings, under certain limited circumstances.

CMOs often are issued in two or more classes with varying maturities and stated rates of interest.

Capital appreciation is growth of the value of an investment.