Both are fired though, after destroying a rack of television sets. Shintaro Horikawa Daisuke Sekiguchi [1]. While they goof off on the job, both have aspirations of opening their own electronics store in the future. A spin-off television series entered its third season in Swing Girls was released in Japan on September 11, where it was distributed by Toho. For the celtic-rock band, see The Waterboys. As they are several members short of a brass band, Nakamura decides to turn the girls into a big band and perform swing jazz , incorporating guitar and bass guitar to fill out their numbers. Galbraith IV, Stuart

Itami informs them that another band has cancelled due to the snow and rushes them to the festival by bus. Views Read Edit View history. He is popular on campus and has many girlfriends, inspiring envy among his peers, and also has a love of pornography which he needs to watch to sleep. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the Army Now Theatrical release poster. Ozawa, to let them deliver the lunches. Hiroshi Kishimoto Micky Yoshino [1].

They walk back to deliver the lunches to the band, but they have spoiled in the summer heat, and all but their cymbal player, Nakamura, becomes sick. Views Read Edit View history. waterbogs

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Only three girls wwterboys Assuming he is an expert saxophonist player, they convince him to lead the band. After locating the missiles, they have a difficult time holding off a battalion of Libyans while painting the missiles with a laser for an incoming airstrike. Film articles using image size parameter.


With the money, the girls buy used instruments, but these are in need of repair. Nakamura confronts the other girls, threatening to turn them in for the food poisoning in if they do not join.

The group then returns to Glendale. Hiroshi Kishimoto Micky Yoshino [1]. Soon, a beautiful new swimming teacher starts work at the high school.

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On the train to the music festival, Tomoko confesses wagerboys the band have no place at the festival, and the train is halted by snow. Both are fired though, after destroying a rack of television sets. The dolphin trainer exploits them as free labour and fiml no intention of training them, and in an attempt to ditch them, leaves all his cash with them to have to practice “rhythm” using Dance Dance Revolution.

Views Read Edit View history. Films directed by Daniel Petrie Jr. Bones chooses water purification for their field since his brother was an experienced pool man and the field appeared to be devoid of combat.

Retrieved from ” https: Galbraith IV, Stuart Seeing this, the boys who had quit rejoin, and are taught synchronized swimming by the five boys. During an airstrikethe four reservists and Stern escape and find the Fast Attack vehicles. Nakamura discovers that Mr.

Shintaro Horikawa Daisuke Sekiguchi [1]. The “waterboys” return home as heroes.

After surviving basic trainingthey attend water purification training. On a routine mission to resupply a forward base, wayerboys convoy is ambushed by a Libyan commando squad. After a few days iflm in the desert, they are captured by the Libyan forces and spend a night in a Libyan POW camp.


What Bones and Jack do not realize, however, was that Libya has been planning an invasion of Chadand they are consequently called up for service overseas.

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Tomoko is too embarrassed to tell the others. The film was released on 22 October For other uses, see Water boy disambiguation. A History and Complete Filmography. The misfit reserves are thought to have been killed in action KIA and are left to fend for themselves.

The first song played at the concert finale is ” Moonlight Serenade ” by Glenn Miller. Dozens of boys decide to join the swimming team, but when they realize that she teaches synchronized swimming which is generally a women’s sportall but Flim and four other boys drop out. The film represented a comeback for actor Nappon Gomarachun, who last worked in the film industry five years ago. At the filmm of the film, they open up their electronics shop next waterbooys an Army recruiting station.

They first try to get a military discharge by pretending to be homosexualsbut they fail.