Mu-young reports to the gods and shows them the one sword he managed to pick up. If that’s the case, what happens to the person when Creepy Mom switches of body? Craziness is very unsettling and frightening, so it is not surprising that Arang would feel petrified and afraid. This was why it desperately want to get hold of Arang’s immortal body, so it does not need change host anymore, and hence, no need for human minions, who proved to be not so reliable. Lord Choi pays a visit to Mom, having recovered his good health and spirits. She needs their souls to keep herself alive, but it’ll be terribly inconvenient to take in their memories and identities as well. Just drop it, according to Eun-Ho. Kgrl September 6, at 9:

I don’t think Eun-Ho’s dad a noble lord married Eun-Ho’s mom. That weirdness was compounded by the song that accompanied the preview for the next episode. This was why it desperately want to get hold of Arang’s immortal body, so it does not need change host anymore, and hence, no need for human minions, who proved to be not so reliable. I’m looking forward to how the show connects all the familial dots. Somehow, I want to believe that Eun-Oh’s mom was a good person, despite her hatred towards Lord Choi. And when she says that to him about his mom he realizes that it is her that he cares about and he freezes up. Except, I hope they skip the bickering parts between the leads, and just go to a sweeter path.

The Bangs deny and dash.

I’m a mom, and I understand mommy issues and girlfriend or daughter-in-law issues. I love your thoughts is all I have to say. Ha, this is an essay, sorry. I’m confusing even myself but does anyone know arrang I’m trying to say? But I don’t fault her for it. I don’t think Eun-Ho’s dad a noble lord married Eun-Ho’s mom.


SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1-20 Episode Terakhir

She ran off, went to that place alone, came back to him. Euh-oh is turning into someone special. D September 7, at 8: Betty September 7, at 3: Even Eun-ho comments on this. Redge September 7, at 4: I think folks who are used to love stories being somewhat speedy have to take that into consideration. I mean if you find out that your child has super self-healing, self-regenerative, self-reviving powers, you know it will just freak other people out. Arang momentarily fumbles for an excuse, but when she sees Eun-oh hovering in the background, that makes up her mind for her: My understanding of the taste of the tea is that it reflects how the drinker feels.

I lurrvvve jealous Eunoh.

[Link Sinopsis] Arang and The Magistrate [end] | This is My World

I actually liked the ending. Kiara September 7, at 7: Bakachild September 7, at 4: To love, to maturity, to freedom from Big Bad. Rather than being able to conjure anything, it just kind of helps the Dokkaebi do their bidding, they still need raw materials to use dtama magic. D you just made my night: So… maybe, maybe not. I’m sure more than one or two would fizzle. What are you afraid of? The hairpin, however, came from ES, so it is mundane and not magic.

When she finds out that Eun-oh is able to see her, kagistrate begs for his help. This seems like a show where you really need to understand the srang word being said so you can clearly understand the clues given out.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do: Sinopsis Drama Korea Arang and the Magistrate [Bahasa Indonesia]

Mu-young loses his partner, but he manages to stick one of the demons. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

Both are inscribed with red talisman emblems. But what if their plan all along is somewhere along the lines of And everybody lived happily ever after Who was he and why did he think it necessary to ensure Eun-oh oorea looked after?


Track magistrste “Shout” – Lee Ki-chan [36] “Shout” instrumental. Having much concern in finding our qrang one is not an issues but to be totally immerse without realize other party interest and feelings and what happen around you is another story. For instance, what about her soul? Episode 19 Episode 20 Credit to: If not, all this dying-reviving has to have some sort of consequences?

Also, regarding the fact that Arang as Lee Seo Rim lived a very secluded life. Arang being immortal is interesting. Unfortunately, Seo-Rim died anyways, but at least her soul remained intact. The Jade Emperor said Arang had 3 moons to complete her mission thing.

I must have that girl. It’s looking pretty likely that she’s Mu-young’s sister. Next week will be mid-point and I hope they’ll get off this merry-go-round already. There has to be a reason why Dol-swe keeps mentioning Eun-oh’s maternal grandfather and that promise he made.

And she must have shown him something like love in the past if he has such feelings toward her–unless she’s THAT good at withholding, which makes little boys with mommy issues crave her love all the more. That descript is cold-blooded Seoul International Drama Awards.

I really liked all the points you made even though I do not fully agree with 1 or 2 of them. Immortal ghost and all? I know for us it’s a mere 8 episode. Kiara September 7, at 6: