Even a crossroads demon would tell you that! Jumping on this thread late I just finished the series about 5 days ago , but did no one else believe that they were going to put Arang’s soul back into her original body at the end and have her live again? Why is it that Dol Swe looks like he just borrowed the Saddo uniform from someone else while Lee Jun Ki looked like he owns it! But Joo-wal bursts in, calling out for them to stop. LMH is very handsome good looking Totally made me smile and say, “That’s our girl! In a convoluted way to read this, however, EO deep in his heart knows he was stepping into a role that he believed was not meant for him, and Dol-swe with his honest and truly empathic nature was naturally born to be something like a Sato.

ANYA October 17, at So in my opinion Thank you so much for this! I’ll buy your psycho-analysis regarding the uniform! Oh I love Jade’s lips. Her wailing, sobbing while in EO embrace is heartbreaking..

Ditto on the deus ex machina. She warns that they must leave the forest before the break of dawn—otherwise Eun-oh dies. Still one cute ending.

JE granted EO to fulfill his wish He killed his sister tor the good of the universe. This is, hands down, my favourite tv show this year – not just favourite kdrama.

D Drama comeback since Rooftop Prince.

sinopsis arang and the magistrate episode 19 part 1

I mean kissing, not loading, typo. So many scenes, almost every other scene, I was holding back my tears so hard like Mu-Yeon struggling to stay in Mom’s body. Actually, I don’t think LJK has ever had any kids in his dramas.


Who else in the world can cry as prettily maggistrate heartbrokenly as you do? Regarding the use of stunt doubles, I also agree that actors who do their own stunts are praise worthy and that they do put in much more effort to accomplish the stunts compared to those who don’t try at all. And then he remembers his proposal for Arang to accept his heart, only now realizing that he asked her that after murdering her in cold blood.

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Read some netizens comments: I felt the reincarnation was a little cheap, myself. This way, they get more years to be together starting episods the age of 5! She can’t be younger than 8, magustrate girl imo! Deus ex machinas are not scripted inside a story from the beginning. So after being both sucked into heaven and hell, the next scene ought to show them coming face to face with Jade E. Lets go out with a bang Arang!

I mean as a Goat in Heaven Or he was being cowardly. Now tell me, Kim Eun-oh. Trying to stop myself from looking at the unsubbed version of Arang Another frequent use for deus ex machina is to bring a happy ending to epiwode drama and that is what I expect to see happen in the final episode.

I was expecting some epic show-down worthy of the build ups. The characters were fun and the plot was interesting. I think it is more significant on what the mother should have if SHE is not selfish enough to put revenge as everything.


sinopsis arang and the magistrate episode 19 part 1

So I really liked the series. He learned everything before he was being an actor. I thought it was obvious. I’m glad Sato come to rescue her. So that would’ve been the writers needlessly adding something useless to the plot.

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I thought it was Mu Young who was reincarnated as a flower eating goat, and when was Mu Young ever a serial killer? I like him there. Also very happy that they did the reincarnation ending right in this one!!

Sorry my only excuse is I bawled watching it last night. Joongirl October 17, at 9: Arang and the Magistrate. Mu-young grabs Mu-yeon, who struggles to break free and begs him to help her.

I am expecting both Zeus and Hades to appear jagistrate person tomorrow to make everything right for Arang and Saddo. Hades is not done with him yet.

EO asks how and why he would continue this sad fate. Mu-young watches from the shadows, ready with his knife.