Clara wants Mara to tell Christian that she don’t love him. At the court, Gary and Amante with Alvira met again. But Mara was not successful with her escape when suddenly she was captured again. Successful that finally Alvira is back with him and is having feelings towards him. Alvira finally have Nenita’s Jamilla Obispo address and she is ready to go there to talk to Nenita’s parents. So Alvira knew Nenita’s address and hurriedly went there to ask the help of Nenita’s family. With this, Susan and Mara then asked Gigi to help them bring Lupe and they were successful. Gary’s shoes was left at Cristina’s house and this is an evidence to who is the man behind helping Cristina.

Mamang is not going to trust Gary because she knew that Gary is the worst man ever. Emergency student loans, as the name suggests, are provided to students in the case of an emergency which might lead to discontinuation of education. So they have to be with the one’s that truly own them. Gary knew that Alvira is going to Amante in the hospital eventhou Alvira is making an alibi. Clara who can not accept the fact that she is now at Gary David’s Jhong Hilario , she is still planning to go back to the Del Valle family. The Del Valle alas knew that Clara is not their real daughter. Clara then tells Susan that she don’t have anything that can solve Mara’s case and she is not ready to go home yet. Vanessa reacted as what Mara expected and Christian defended Mara to her mother.

Going back with Mara and Susan who is with Gary, Susan tells Gary that he is the father of the baby she is carrying right now.

Clara got so mad at Mara for accusing her knowing what her father – gary did to Alvira. Lupe asks sorry to Susan for not doing the best that she could as a mother.

Gary called his daughter – Clara David Julia Montes telling her the good news about his relationship towards Alvira. Alvira is surprised that Gary is the one answering Mara’s phone and so she asked Gary why he is having Mara’s phone. Mara and Christian are very happy with the blessings from Mara’s parents. So she called him and found out that it was Cristina who answered his phone.


When Clara tried to bring Mara to the hospital, Mara got her chance in escaping. Clara then tells Gary that the Del Valle family are going to migrate to Dubai already.


Angling Dharma RTV Episode 7 Titisan Bhatara Surya

But Clara’s father offered Mara to be a substitute father to be able for her 20114 attend the activity. Clara noticed her father – Gary who is getting ready and so she asks him on where he is going. Alvira then tells Susan that she also feared that Gary might know about what she is been doing just to find an evidence towards epsiode.

Clara told Mara that she will not stop until Mara’s life will be like hell. Wafat Ketika Sujud Layar Unggulan: Susan then tells Clara not to speak out anymore and just admit the things that she have done.

Gary then went to see Alvira and confront her towards what recently happened. Clara then tells Susan about Mara and Christian being officialy together and that she hated Mara so much. Perang sang Pengapit FTV: Alvira apologizes to Amante with all the hurtful things that she have done to him.

Do you know what your credit score means? Since Clara’s friends went to her party and was not contented also, they prefer going to Mara’s birthday party than staying at Clara’s place.

Mamang wondered why Clara did not care about Alvira being taken by his father – Gary.

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With Cristina that anglinb still hiding from the public, she wondered why Gary David Jhong Hilario can easily go out and she can not. Amante and Alvira was alarmed with Gary’s presence since they have filed a restraining order for Gary not to get near them. Since Mara is still in the epsode and is one of the image models, Clara and her friends locked her up in a room so that she won’t be able to have her pose. Merchant accounts from Network Solutions make it easy to enable online credit card processing for your e-commerce website.

Clara saw Mara begging for help but she refuses to.

Clara can’t forgive Mara as she do not want to be a loser. And will Alvira get her chance in escaping Gary and Clara?


The book of truth was zngling successful burned, as Susan have read about this, she will not be stopped from revealing the truth to episoode. How will Alvira and Susan deal vharma this? At first Clara hates Mara for being poor and stealing her spotlight in class.

On the other hand, Clara David Julia Dhaema tells her father – Gary that everybody is speculating on her already. Lupe is now back home with his only son – Gary and Gary is very happy having her around. But this left confusions on the Del Valle family on why their blood did not match with Clara rather it was Gary’s blood that saves her.

Clara got so mad and hurriedly went back home where her mother – Susan David Mylen Dizon is there waiting for her. Christian checked the house and did not see anyone there then a glass accidentally fell when Lupe tried to grab it. Mara Del Valle Kathryn Bernardo then finally escaped from the kidnappers. Gary then went to Alvira’s house drunk and is happy telling her that finally they are both free. Susan and Alvira got a chance talking to each other about themselves and about Mara.

Mara did not went home and rather thought going back and spy on Clara’s actions. Amante is having speculation to both of them since they are the ones who have the power to do such a crime. Later that day, Gary called Alvira on her cell phone and checked on her but Alvira is so mad and have warned Gary to stop bothering her.

As much as Mara wants to see her parents, it is still not safe for her to see them. Amante then wants alvira to tell him that she is not loving him anymore and that will be the time that he is going to stop bothering Alvira. If Mara e;isode her chance escaping, she is going to make sure her mother – Alvira is going with her.