However, performance may vary depending on the quality of your CPU cooler and other factors, so you will still need to test the limit on your own. Silverstone have one of the most unique chassis ranges on the market, their ability to fit high end systems into compact and well engineered chassis designs seems endless and they’re never far from a new space saving idea, or sleek new design for their Cons Installation can be difficult. The other challenge with building a system inside the Sugo SG12 is that nothing is tool-less. Pros Solid build quality. With traditional PSU installation, the power cord will occupy space behind the case therefore the area taken by the power cord is not part of the case measurement. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Things get especially tight if you install an ATX power supply and an optical drive, as there’s not much room left between the two for routing cables. Detachable front PSU fan filter. The only difference between the two is the SG10 has a different front panel and comes with the new AP fan. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Remember to hold the can upright to avoid spraying liquid onto your components. Other than a few included wire ties and cable clips, there’s not much in the way of cable management.

There is a big market for the very small and there are plenty of solutions out there for people who want a space saving office solution, a compact and sleek HTPC or something that can be picked up and taken with you to LAN gaming events, so lets take a look at the SG10 and see just what it has to offer.

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A case window would have been a nice option, though if you’re not interested in spending time cleaning up the interior, it’s no big loss. You can see it up close here, silvedstone one of the bay trays sticking out Speaking of selling accessories to go with their cases, SilverStone has done a fairly good job of cornering this particular market. The drives sit flat on top and screw into place on the underside.


Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you look at the top of our built system here, you can see two skull-bedecked Intel SSDs installed on the bracket Mini-ITX boards are becoming both more common and less expensive, and there’s been a bit of a renaissance for small case designs.

The lips on the SG12’s panels aren’t quite as thin as those found on cases from yesteryear, but if you get impatient, you may leave a drop of blood or two behind. If you have installed all extra fans according to our instruction manual and the graphic card still overheats, please contact the graphics card manufacturer for assistance. Feel free to check our math, but no matter how many times silvwrstone crunch the numbers, we come up with 12 potential SSDs three in the drive cage, seven in the shroud, and two on the flat metal drive bracket.

That means you’ll have a few silverstoen if you’re installing a Mini-ITX motherboard, which you can remove and tuck away in the included baggie of various-size screws and standoffs. Beveled edges around the buttons and along the top and bottom half of the front panel have silver accents that blend in nicely with the brushed-aluminum design.

SilverStone Sugo SG10 SFF

Does SG10 fit in the Sugo Pack? Likewise, if you spent the build process whistling Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah from start to finish, well, you’ve found yourself a top-notch enclosure to work with.

Being a smaller case with shoebox proportions, the Sugo SG12 promises that things are inevitably going to get cramped when working inside. Even so, with four expansion slots, technically you could fit up to four graphics cards, so long islverstone they each took up a single slot.

Silverstone have one of the most unique chassis ranges on the market, their ability to fit high end systems into compact and well engineered chassis designs seems endless and they’re never far from a new space saving idea, or sleek new design for their These are livable limitations for an SFF build.


Opening the SG12 to work on the inside reminds us of the old beige cases that OEMs used to build sug systems inside of. Both of these are for mounting optional 80mm fans.

SilverStone Sugo SG12

The shroud, and the holes, are very visible a couple of pictures revkew. Mail will not be published required. Corsair Carbide Air For those looking to challenge their own PC building skills in return for a superbly packaged machine that has uncompromised performance and is portable, the Sugo SG10 is the one to get. I want to connect all the fans onto the motherboard, what can I do?

Why silverstpne the PSU installed horizontally?

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Joseph Conrad had it right: Like its predecessors, silverdtone Sugo SG12 reviewed here features what SilverStone calls a “classic shoebox proportion,” though if it were truly a shoebox, you’d probably be able to fit Shaquille O’Neal’s size 23 kicks inside. You’ll just have to be mildly selective in that part picking. Air Penetrator AP mm fan.

Not so much large ITX cases however, so to each his own. Pros Solid build quality. Dedicated triple GPU fan slots reveiw removable filter.

Hence I’d rather let the small ODD be wasted space, as opposed to dedicated much more of it to a full sized one. A word of warning before we move on to the installation.