The Larry King Secret Word is “”linguine. Ep 1 – Show Toggle seen. Dave notes, “”Uma, Parminder; Parminder, Uma. Also, Creepy Dave drops by annoy Dave again: Dave ends the show early, and then flies back to New York. The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan is a wonderfully large and blended family. Later, Dave meets David Roth, a noted coin magician. Also, Mujibur and Sirajul report from yesterday’s Daytona

A man claiming to be Paul’s brother Kenny sits in the audience, while amateur dentist David Kriuthoff fidgets with a special camera that can go inside the mouth. Also, Bob Borden tries with little success to deliver a turkey to President Clinton. The Giant Flying Rat is introduced via lasers and special effects just after being interviewed by Tom Snyder. Later, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, promotes her new cookbook. Dave shows off his new, shorter haircut; an audience member sings the theme song from Grease; Tim Allen presents the Top Ten. The Larry King Secret Word is “”linguine. Dave rants about the internet, while Bob Borden literally searches for a valentine.

Dave cons a Joe G’s customer into appearing in a bogus campaign ad; Eddie Izzard does stand-up. During Mailbag, Gerard performs a Broadway-style number about the possibility of him getting fired. Live via satellite in Nagano, Japan: Later, Penn and Teller perform a new trick. Dave finds a stray seasin card on his desk and returns it to Regis and Kathie Lee.

Also, Dave chats with Ida Doggett, world bed-making champion. Sezson afterwards, Don Rickles goes in for a trim. During Mailbag, Dave and Paul give birth to septuplets. Dave belatedly thanks Drew Barrymore for her birthday “”gift”” last month. Manny the Hippie reviews Striptease: Dave tells a mean fat joke about Roger Ebert, and shortly afterwards the film critic calls Dave a bastard; four singers present the First Annual Late Show Salute to the Word “”Ass””; on Day 4 of “”She Loves Me”” week, Matthew Broderick performs a certain ‘s pop standard, holds the last note, runs through the theater, grabs a soda at the Hello Deli, gets a handbill for a free massage, receives eisode massage, and returns to the theater wearing a robe, still holding the note.

Also, Dave invites several staffers including then-intern Stephanie Birkett to discuss their dreams at a local steakhouse. The secret word is “”ball””; an audience member is stifled by a barbershop quartet in the latest edition of “”Who Asked For Epiaode


Contents Incorrect details Wrong images Others. Shortly after his interview, Mike Myers joins the crowd. Jesse Jackson makes an insincere apology to Dave for his tardiness in last night’s show.

Dave shows the audience an old photo of Morty with an afro, and then later shows a doctored photo of himself with a head-bush. Via live remote, Dave asks a customer at a nearby laundromat to take a pair of pants out of the dryer and bring them into the theater for guest Richard Simmons to wear.

Dave visits some handwriting analysts; Rush Limbaugh promotes his new book. Paul refers to Regis as a bastard, only for the “”Millionaire”” host to retaliate.

Mary Tyler Moore treats Late Show viewers to a video clip of Dave from her variety show, “”Mary,”” shak which she smashes a grapefruit in Dave’s face. Dave gets four galpals from West Virginia to go on a tour of the city with Biff; Physilla Rashad promotes her sitcom Cosby; Jamiroquai performs the 1 hit “”Virtual Insanity. Dave follows this flawless presentation with a week-long retrospective. An audience member hangs out in the band section; Mujibur and Sirajul become the latest witnesses to testify for O.

The outside cam returns to the Friends ad that Matthew Perry wrecked last night, and Dave explains why he shouldn’t be sued; Rob Burnett draws another doodle of Dave’s lawyers; the Top Ten list is interrupted by the office manager in Wahoo, Nebraska voice of Charles Grodin.

The Larry King Secret Word is “”linguine.

Episode 305

Uma Thurman joins Geraldo Rivera as the mock jury of cab drivers continues to deliberate, led by foreman Parminder Singh. Gerard makes a cameo in the annual “”Thanksgiving Day Quiz,”” while Dorothy bakes cherry and hickory nut pies. The outside cam peers through the window of Dave’s office to show the world a very hideous billboard promoting the sitcom Friends. Rapidly becoming despondent, he picks up a bottle of tequila and tosses back a few at the desk. Dave stuggles to grow a beard; Charles Grodin promotes his talk show; Dave chats with the former Washington Senators pitcher who gave up Babe Ruth’s 59th home run in in his MLB debut, no less.


For once, the Mets win the big one. Those that successfully complete the finals course in their designated region move on to the national finals round in Las Vegas, where they face a stunning four-stage course modeled after the famed Mt.

Pat Farmer interrupts the monologue by walking in front of the camera; Marv Albert provides color commentary on tonight’s CBS Mailbag; two guys spray each other with fuel at a gas station in Queens. Biff visits Branson, Missouri, while Marilu Henner unsuccessfully tries to persuade Dave into doing some calisthenics.

Follow a group of affluent young Persian-American friends who juggle their flamboyant, fast-paced L.

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In tonight’s live remote, Dave annoys customers down the street at the Sam Ash music store and invites Marcia tak sit in with the band on alto sax. Biff goes to Texas to learn to be a delihsows, and to ehark tonight’s audience residents of Houston feel more at home, Lyle Lovett shows up to sing an old Hank Williams song, with Biff riding his horse onstage.

Like Martin Short the previous night, Nate holds the last note, goes out to Hello Deli for a soda, then to a massage, and back inside the theater with a robe. Dave goes door-to-door in New Jersey again, this time to ask about the Winter Olympics.

Follow Katie Couric as she travels the country to sit down with the people shaping the most pivotal, evolving, contentious and often confusing topics in American culture today. After Dave promises that the Quiz Machine will never be seen on the show again, he brings out the “”Flagstar ,”” a cheap cardboard facade.

Later, Robert Pastorelli promotes his new drama “”Cracker. In honor of the week’s top-grossing film, Titanic, the stage floods with water. Ttank compares President Clinton’s 51st birthday to meatloaf.