You will naturally want to know my reasons for such a step. But lads that get their fingers in my till are no use to me. You haven’t turned him away-you couldn’t do that! Rutherfords’ ruthlessly marches on. JOHN [going over to the fire-place]. If you’re sick of it, God knows I am.

And your father he went doon into the caves and took his coat off afore them all, and pitched joost half as much coal again as the best of ’em now! If ye’re looking for the summer in the middle o’ December ye’ll no’ get it. You’re a bit slip of a thing, but you’re John’s wife, and the mother of his bairn, and there’s an end. I sometimes think that it’s the only reality in the world. He Is habitually overworked, and his face has the rather pathetic look of an overweighted youth that finds life too much for its strength. You’ve ruined my life, you with your getting on.

He’s had his lesson and I hate to preach, but there is such a thing as repentance. He wants to go back on it?

Aye, it sounds like her hand. He’s in the right. I take shame to be doing it now. I don’t understand you, sir.

Rutherford and Son

I should say that if you could keep the men out of the public- houses and hammer a little decency into the women it might be a ans thing. Henderson wants to see you. Oh, nonsense ; you imagine things.


Yes there’s no difficulty at all. There is a big table in the middle of the room covered with a brown cloth at which the family take their meals. Will you give it to me? Biganderz marked it as to-read May 26, Dedicated we’re dedicated all of us to Rutherford’s. Do you want her?

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Well, no not yet. All the profits and none of the work that’s John’s style. In the morning Janet is euphoric about her coming freedom and new life with Martin. Read’s production is like Rutherford soderby, as tough as old boots, and the acting is transparent. You’ll make a happy home for some one yet. You can clay the pots up seal them, if you like. You might mean any one. That’s what he’ll do. But you can’t be expected to know, and you like a stranger in the synopssis. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Kasi rated it it was amazing May 07, As long as you respect my name and remember that I made a gentle- man of ye, ye can go to the devil in your own way.

Swerby old soul, Aunt Ann. He takes a cigarette. I want my price.

Rutherford and Sons

He couldn’t help but love me. Lists with This Book. Retrieved 11 April A voice is heard outside, then the outer door opens. And after a bit he’ll forget about it let it slide like the rest of us. You’ll be there to see them do it? Bless me, can’t I have a simple thing like that done for me? Aunt Ann, have you ever in your life just for a moment at the back of your mind wished Rutherford’s at the bottom of the Tyne?


Soweryb are you making a stand for? Ruther- ford about it? Supposing only one of these was female, the chance of what happens to be the only female being ‘airbrushed from history’ are enormous. A man-a man that takes power to himself, power to other gather people to him and use them as he wills -a man that’d take the blood of life itself and put it into the Works-into Rutherfords’. JOHN [in a high-pitched, nervous voice].

There’s nothing spreads so quick as a nice soft feeling like that, and who knows we might have half-a-dozen other young blacklegs at the same game? You’re getting back your appetite. He does not hear DICK a.?