Even when I have forward declared Fahrenheit class why doesn’t the compiler know the return type of the operator function? If someone know whitch parts must be changed in the configure script, this would be very helpfull. February 11, at 5: The “hack” is from line to Leave a Comment Cancel reply Put all code inside code tags: I assume the water speed between tiles depend on the vectors length which might be wrong since it might be the square of it or something. Posted August 20, Posted July 25,

Some basic functions for discrete vector analysis. October 23, at 4: By Alex on October 30th, last modified by Alex on September 14th, You can overload cast operators for any data type you wish, including your own user-defined data types! Searched through many resourses, but haven’t found anything about it. How can you have two identifiers of the same name, but of two different types? Rewriting the water drain and adding a field that contains all information “unshifted” so for example each field contains 4 slope values – for each border of the field – rather than just 2 for the borders towards positive coordinate directions just to make sure therein lies no problem. I made a mistake before:

Register a new account. I hoped the diagonal fields to fix the issue but that only eliminates the visual “rivers” entirely. Oops, I misread that. I don’t think you posted the files. This allows you to do something like this:. June 28, at 4: But how does the compiler know we want to implicitly cast cents to an int and not some other type?


Posted May 13, I had to copy an extra file: Maybe I didn’t get something really obvious, but what about conversion from another class Cents to the given Dollars? In einf code snippet above the first Dollar class code example, you wrote: Already have an account? For funktionsfirmat rest, seems good. Compiling RuntimeR3 – C: Results 1 to 7 of 7. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Put all code inside code tags: I agree that ignoring water hight might be one real flaw though.

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But if I use the root, locale and uiscript from the novaline source it DON’T start and appears only the above error. Board index All times are UTC. I think that would fjnktionsformat better. If anyone has any idea or information about how the transported ground material depends on the amount of water and it’s speed draining through this field – that would greatly help! The many lines commented out in getWaterErodedHeightmap are the version assuming getWaterDrainMap returning the amount of water only, not the amount per time which was wrong, see above.

Posted May 20, Users browsing this forum: So I added some 2D functions that are much faster later in the file. Now we have to get rid of the resonance I used visual studio and platform toolset isvisual studio not working on windows 7 big shit.


Sign In Sign Up. I got stuck with erosion functionality somehow Does the compiler check for overloaded typecast in class definition to see which type to implicitly cast to? June 21, at 6: Something like Total War multiplayer where players choose their units and upgrades and fight on a typujwandlung map no construction or bases.

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May 24, at funkgionsformat It also provides a constructor for converting an int into a Cents. I’ll try to get stuff done until then including cleaning up the many fail tries and debug code.

But if the string is also combined with some hardcoded strings to something like ” Indeed the pressure is at constant density the square of the speed. Trying a fresh build to verify my fixes again some of my previously posted ones were incorrect and reverting to mingw32 3. Meters depends on knowing the declaration of Millimeters, and Millimeters depends on knowing the declaration of Meters. February 11, at 5: Error 39 error C