Kim hires a psychic which tells her there are ghosts within her home, and Brandi invites the group for a trip to Las Vegas. All six wives from season two returned for the third installment [26] though Camille Grammer returned to the series in a recurring capacity, due to wanting to focus on her family as well as not wanting to “expose her personal life. It is a nightmare is it not? Lisa gets ready to renew her vows after thirty years of marriage but tensions rise once Faye starts a verbal argument with Lisa, which leads to all the ladies getting involved. The DIY pageant right where you were ranting about Deb. Maloof feels the ongoing tension from Vanderpump when Vanderpump leaves Kyle’s daughter’s birthday shortly after Maloof’s arrival.

The fact that every single episode with Deb in it has her using some Barbie comparison to herself or Hannah, KNOWING her kid almost died from starving herself, really says a lot about the type of person she is. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She starts cracking and bawling while she says all this. Prior to meeting Kyle, Resnick was born in North Carolina , where she began her career as a model. I guess I should just accept this is a Trashy network and expect nothing more from the network. Lisa and Kyle’s friendship is brought up and things get heated when Brandi, Yolanda and Kim give their input on the matter. I have this wild optimistic idea that Lifetime will announce that it will air at a different date.

This kid is courageous. Not only are audience members in shock, but some of them become scared when she grunts, grunts and grunts. Retrieved February episodd, I may have to get a little creative to watch it myself: Kim is impressed that she is obviously a hard work and has won in showmanship.


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With the growth of a new friendship, there’s the end of another. She is obviously not lacking in determination or intelligence. Hannah holds her hand to comfort her. The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God”. Peppermint looks sassy in her pink tutu and matching ribbon.

What seaaon emotional episode! Lisa and Adrienne’s friendship still needs fixing, while Brandi and Kim begin a feud.

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With her nills found fame, she then later went on to pose for Playboy. That will show other networks it can succeed and that viewers will follow it to a new network if Lifetime cancels it. Related Posts Recaps Adios, my Trashies!!

So if you love it, head on over and sign it.

She needs to write a book. Don’t Sing for Your Supper”. Jo and Kim arrive the next day in their versions of fashionable farm wear. Glanville finds herself in a feud with Maloof after an intimate discussion with Kim Richards. While enjoying their time in Vegas, Brandi has the group try pole dancing.

Did I fail to mention this is in a church? Yolanda decorates her ex-husbands mansion for wpisode.

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Recaps Mem-rieeesssss like the dank, snarky corners of my mind…. The night goes well until Maloof turns up on the eve of her marriage separation and Vanderpump doesn’t run to her aid to console her. So lifetime can suck it. Tropez to see Ken’s son, Warren Todd.

For the past few weeks there has been no mention of what the show is or will be. Kyle accompanies Lisa for her first mammogram. At housewkves party things between her and her husband worsen as she feels like he constantly seeks attention.


Pageant karma for those snooty faces she made at Eryn, no doubt. Hannah gives a clean performance with her usual gymnastic moves.

This woman is bad azz! Kyle and her daughter, Portia, invite all the ladies to Portia’s fourth birthday, that is carnival themed featuring flying elephant rides, llamas, and unicorns. Eryn may be quiet, videobill you have to love her sense of humor. Foster was born and raised in Papendrechta small farming town in Hollandwhere she learned about hard work from taking part in the videobulp life by riding horses and milking cows. Vanderpump finds herself being questioned by the ladies in Ojaiafter defending Glanville’s colorful language.

Is she married and is her Dad alive? Kim and her other sister, Kathy Hiltonhelp prepare for Kim’s daughter’s prom. Hang in there butterbean!! I have no doubt she loves Hannah, but her emphasizing looks the way she does ALL the damn time and crying while she talks about her not wanting Hannah to tell the truth makes me think those tears are more for herself than Hannah.

You can watch the final episode or the other 7 that aired in the US, except 5 which they currently have no links to on watchseries for free: