Dragon Ball Z How long will it take the Host Club to realize Kairi is actually a girl? Old Friends can’t be new enemies can they? Chapter 25 Fruits Basket – Rated: Fic centers around Tero couple but there are brief cameos involving Kamijou and the Dean. Sun-Ho reviews what happens when they meet in college?

Multi-Alias Follow Forum Posts: But one thing everyone will admit is that she’s merciless when she’s right. Haruhi wants to know why he’s playing the piano in this room, at this moment Havent heara any of them: It’s like only watching the most popular blockbuster movies and not watching the movies at the IMDB top list that are masterpeices. Read to find out what happens, who likes who, who choses who, and finally who gets a ring. Yeah I think i’m good. Lost and Alone by Rina-sama reviews When Masaya tells Ichigo he doesn’t want her anymore, her life shatters.

Twisted Ouran by Norathevampire reviews A new member is forced to join the host club.

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How would the two friends cope with the situation? You should check it out. Bleach and Naruto are the only ones u need to read. M – English – Romance – Chapters: Study Method by Animestar73 reviews Eiji and Fuji are studying one day, when Fuji introduces a new method.

Who will be there to save them from the new villain?

Bring back the main forum list. Our Story by Pokeluv reviews “How did you and Momma fall in love? Just a Song by SurreptitiousSuspicions reviews The sweet sounds dedicated just to her, as Haruhi epissode to Tamaki play the piano. Let me protect you for once. T – English – Friendship – Chapters: So review when you’re done!


Thanks to all of you now with sequel and plot twist. However, what happens when an unexpected visitorwhom Tamaki never knew about comes to Japan and enrolls in Ouran? But not for very long, when Kazuma, Uotani and Yoodanime get involved.

Vervain’s Throne by Inkcache reviews Boruto Uzumaki couldn’t hold it and just needed to go to the restroom, and the nearest possible one happened to be the Hokage’s private quarters.

Why Fuji isn’t a Leader by Skyla Ladona reviews Ryoma and his fellow regulars wonder why Fuji is not a leader of any school clubs. M – English – Drama – Chapters: Family, Romance, Holiday verse.

Lobelia is interested in this new member. Valentine’s Day by Light of the Sorrow reviews Short twoshot.

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Who do you think she’ll end up with? Thus they chant her invincible spell: Look up the description on Amazon. Slepanandiaz i can pretty much describe it in one word Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy. When she wakes up in someone else’s body, Sakura discovers that she can never reveal herself to those she loves, or Syaoran will die. Let the fun begin. But what’s going to happen when Sebastian comes back to claim his master as his own?


OT pick me some good anime.

This topic is locked from further discussion. But im not a episoe anymore so try something else. Fic centers around Tero couple but there are brief cameos involving Kamijou and the Dean. Damn Rich Bastards by megami01 reviews What happens when Haruhi goes to Europe for a scholarship and studies there for several years, meets someone related to her and comes back to Japan and meets with her old friends again after a long time with no communication at all!

Devil May Cry tratyu Of Thunder and Comfort by Angel Blacklight reviews When a Host trip gone wrong results in Haruhi and Tamaki spending a little time together alone during a storm, some feelings are blurted and realizations met.

Kyo and a twin?

But then again, Mori does too. They Come and Go by Hikari Aiko reviews In life, people come and episodf, this is the story of one such girl and the boy’s life she touched, if only he remembered her. Read and find out.