Saling visits Luisa by sneaking into the house and discovers that Luisa is mistreated. Avid Liongoren Release date: In the film, Garcia saves a young girl from a man she was hired to kill, and builds a strong relationship with the young girl. Luisa is furious and publicly claims war against Menang. He asks his mother and she pretends that she will try not to intimidate her anymore and be patient with her. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Carding asks Luisa for a dance and she accepts. Carding doesn’t know whether to side with Luisa or his mother.

Carmen asks Luisa why Menang is mad at her and she learns that Luisa is being mistreated. As children, Carding, the son of an affluent family with political ambitions, is forbidden from playing with Luisa, the daughter of a laundrywoman, because of their obvious social differences. Menang Carding’s mother wants to sell her jewels. But Carding and Luisa’s love life is no bed of roses. Idad goes to warn Menang but they start arguing. Peping tells Idad that Luisa donated the blood to keep her alive. Carding writes a letter to Luisa as he misses her a lot. When both families find out about the relationship, Luisa gets pressured into breaking it off with Carding.

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Later Carding tells Mimi to apologise to Luisa if she still wants to be Carding’s friend. Later Diego visits Luisa to clear things up gukong her and Saling but Menang sees them and forwards a picture to Carding. Yet when Carding gets into an accident, Luisa can no longer deny the love she feels for him but with her family encouraging her to pslad away from Carding, they decide to keep their relationship a secret.

Mimi 88 episodes, Gulong ng Palad lit. Palas use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Spot. Menang starts throwing harsh words about poor people. Idad welcomes them into their place but Menang is too proud to accept. Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Saling saves her and they report him to the police. Julia Barretto Supporting Cast.


Mimi is mad and pours a drink in Luisa’s face. Jojo’s friend comes to save her. She is bailed out by Carmen her motherwhich proves to be her undoing as Mimi sets out get revenge on Luisa. I especially quite fond of the two main characters of the movie, Luisa and Carding, it is truly a romance. It starts to rain and they are caught up in the storm. Carding calls Luisa and warns her that she is never see Diego again or else he will get hurt. While Carding finally realizes how much he loves Luisa but is ashamed about the way he treated her.

Then when Luisa finally breaks it off with Carding they get caught in a storm and have to seek refuge in a cave while everyone believes they have eloped.

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Carding picks a fight with Diego outside Luisa’s house. While this may not look as starry as the Jasmine Curtis-Smith-led Baka BukasLee has a distinct style that fits in telling these small, heartfelt stories, especially about LGBT characters.

Menang takes Luisa shopping to please the public by dressing her well. They seek shelter in a cave. Menang lies and says that she did not, but that Mimi was there all day and night with him. Luckily Carding arrives on time to save her but Mimi knocks him unconscious with a tire iron. Luisa accepts the proposal. Open the email in your inbox. Tatay Tomas 88 episodes, Luisa is warned not to do anything mischievous or else she will face dire consequences. Carding asks Luisa for a dance and she accepts.


Luisa apologises for doubting Carding and Mimi. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! As soon as Carding and Luisa come back from their honeymoon, Menang tells Carding that he must attend college and accompany Mimi. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

Totoy is heartbroken but can’t do anything.

Menang burns down her house in order to get insurance money. Carding’s mother hears the news about the ball and tells Carding to consider being with Movle as her family is richand not Luisa who is a laundrywoman ‘s daughter. Nanay Idad 88 episodes, Joel Gulog Luisa’s family decide that it is better to take Luisa to her grandmother’s place in the province so that Carding cannot contact her.

Idad is mad at Luisa for lying to her and being together with Carding. At Luisa’s place, the family is preparing for Tomas’s birthday. With the separation of the couple, Mimi seduces Carding leading to an affair, while Diego confesses his love for Luisa. Medel runs for mayor but despises the poor. Kathryn Bernardo Supporting Cast.

Menang is angry too, but to boost her position in the election for mayor, she nng that Carding and Luisa should marry. On January 9,the drama series came back in television under the direction of Eric Salud and Jerome Pobocan.

Carding and Mimi visit home for the weekend but Carding avoids Luisa. Luisa’s family is still angry at her.

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