They will never get ahead because they don’t believe they are doing anything wrong. The manager was clearly wearing a mic during her fight, during the supposed surveillance night. They just don’t know any different. Buddy Lembeck March 24, at 1: Jon must restore trust between owners and curb rampant theft among employees to save Barlow’s, a failing Georgia sports bar. They always say don’t judge a book by its cover but this time it was right! She destroyed the business and want to put the blame on her husband.

It’s not as cut and dry as they edit it to be. Musn’t forget eating, lol! I’ve never yelled at my television before, and I was screaming at it watching the way the staff was disregarding everything that Jon and his people were trying to do. I actually feel that he did right walking out on those idiots. Hunter March 23, at 2: That place is a serious joke!

A military hero about to be redeployed needs more than rscue bar rescued, as his problematic drinking threatens to cost him his livelihood and relationship.

You know whats funny i can’t even find this bar epispde “yelp” man so glad i don’t live near them: He showed footage of the owner hitting an employee but the video looked a little too well done to be from a phone. I’ve seen every episode of bar recuse since it has aired. And her with that bell??? I think most of it is real, you can’t fake the level of dysfunction and stupidity this staff obviously had.


Feuding bikini-clad bartenders wreak havoc on a California sports bar where the owner is more focused on partying than running a business. Jon heads to Bourbon Street to help the owner of Turtle Bay figure out how to make his bar stand out in one of the most popular drinking districts in the gull.

Air Force and his wife proved without a doubt that they are unworthy of getting tens of thousands of dollars of new furniture and fixtures, I look forward to their future bankruptcy. It’s a yellow page ad. That’s confusing to me. They didn’t wanna work or learn.

I got disgusted with the bar owners and John. This wasn’t a very good episode of lizard lick towing.

Bar Rescue Updates: Bar Rescue – O’Face Bar Update

Those are character issues you’re seeing, not PTSD. There is no way a place that bad would still be open. Jon Taffer’s Butt Funnel July 15, at 1: Omaha has its issues but they don’t barr their trash on national television. In a Bar Rescue first, Jon helps a failing strip club saddled with a disinterested staff, a skeevy vibe and an off-putting name: That fat ugly blonde I just wanted to smack her across her nasty fat bride of chucky face. Bat Matt felt so embarrassed when he saw it he couldn’t even think, became defensive, and told Taffer “i’m not scared” for absolutely no reason lol.

Floyd Fisher June 29, at From a man humping a taxidermy coyote to a live possum running episod the kitchen, Jon and the crew face some of their biggest challenges yet in Season 6.


Punch-Drunk & Trailer-Trashed

Jon has a hard time getting through to the owner of the Black Light District, who’s convinced fixing up his rancid dive would be a betrayal of his punk rock credo. Why is every username that is “Scuba Name ” a troll?

In an attempt at his ofacee bar resurrection, Jon must get the burnt-out owner of the Casual Tap to reopen his business while also rediscovering his passion for it. They also mentioned how these bar owners were not normal and dysfunctional I believe you rose to that occasion Irish. Newer Post Older Post Home. Full Cast and Crew.

Kerri Watts March 23, at 9: Murphy’s, a dive bar in Fell’s Point, MD, on the brink of financial and physical collapse. Jon crashes the party at a failing bar where out-of-control bartenders would rather dance than pour drinks.

Remembering The Rockaway Rescue. A lot of people will put up with a lot of abuse to have a gig like that. Just wondering if it’s fake or for show. Crazy Little Thing Called Selman.

I really hope they get shut down. Tomorrow morning should be a fun one! Remind me never to go to your repair shop.