Why retiring your old smartphone could be crucial. Bell Bottom movie review: How do you manage a script development boutique and producing films at the same time? I thought there will be more people like me who would want to own the original clothes and props that film-stars would wear in films. Does your day have more than 24 hours? I am an avid collector of all kinds of things including Bollywood Memorabilia and that led me to the venture. According to the Census of India, the population projection for for people in the age group of 15 to 34 is approximately million. Trump forcibly kissed an ex-campaign worker before a rally:

In Bollywood, high concept has often translated into a big star who can guarantee the critical opening weekend. Vicky Kaushal not doing Rakesh Sharma biopic. Read on to find out more about the man who is going to make your life more interesting with his brand of films. Follow regular updates and share stories by indiancolleges on Facebook and on Twitter. I chatted with Siddhartha Jain, head of iRock Films about this very colourful slate of films. I feel as a director, I will be able to make films, better, faster and cheaper. Will wait for Salman Khan, says Sooraj Barjatya. Why retiring your old smartphone could be crucial.

Aamir possesses neither the charisma of Shah Rukh, the spontaneity of Salman nor the physique of Hrithik. Twisted tale of two sisters; Size Zero: More From Movie Reviews Chambal movie review: My favourite day of the week is Monday. Will wait for Salman Khan, says Sooraj Barjatya.

These boys who have no passports, no money, fly off to London, en route Raja hitting on Alishka Jacqueline Fernandez who seemed quite pleased.


Anupama Chopra Hindustan Times.

You have to give it to Judwaa 2 for managing the unthinkable. Army tweets poem after India’s air strike in Pakistan. Prem, however, is having a nightmare here.

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Menu e-Paper Age on Sunday. Almost 50, he is the undisputed shahenshah of marketing in Bollywood. Sep 30,2: Judwaa 2 is long and copies the original almost in toto mofie plot to dialogue — but for some reason it decided to leave out those nice, little comic routines in between, the ones that fleshed out characters and made the trek to the inevitable end enjoyable.

We spend way too much time with Sid and Nayantara. Disco Valley is a minute mad, outrageous comedy set in in a rave party. Ek royega toh doosra pajgu royega, ek hasega toh doosra bhi hasega, it seems. Be unique, yet appeal to all. And, as if then to prove that nepotism, does, indeed rule Bollywood, he also got uncle Salman to not just give his blessings, but also to lend one of his current leading ladies.

As part of that acquisition, I worked with Baazee all of Also, think different, yet commercial. To escape the baddies, what do you think Pabgu and Nandu pagnu Bet on yourself, before you ask others to bet on you.

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Audiences subconsciously decide to watch a film based on the title, poster, trailer, cast and concept. Vicky Kaushal not doing Rakesh Sharma biopic. Sid wanted to be a writer, and eventually gets this story published. On a serious note, in the first 3 years of iRock we did not produce any films, only developed scripts and stories. And yet, he is bangu okay. The only real spark in the film comes from Sarika who plays the drunk mom panhu convincing. Home Entertainment Screen Aamir Khan: EntertainmentMovie Reviews.


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You are turning director with Alien Kumar. Barely 10 minutes into the film and I was irritated, craving the original Judwaand thinking how good Salman Khan was, once upon a time A film called Purani Jeans? But apart from a few, stray funny remarks, all of them have been handed artificial dialogue and inhabit trite, template-characters.

Your next film Disco Valley has been hailed as the successor to Delhi Belly. The decision to pose in the buff was a brave, even risky one, but it has yielded rich dividend. Updated Jan 10,8: Instead, they are designed to deliver a quick rush of adrenaline. No one does low budget better than us. As an entrepreneur turned producer, I would like to say that when one dreams of success and focuses on trying to manifest or achieve that vision, one has to work hard towards making oneself deserving to receive that success.

So tell me, have you seen this before? I chatted with Siddhartha Jain, head of iRock Films about this very colourful slate of films.

Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven movie review: Realistic at its best. We are casting and shooting starts soon. I wish we had more than 24 hours, though I dream of stories most of the time. This, however, might be changing.