One can classify these items of trade into two main categories- luxury and non-luxury items. Thus, the Dogra family also substantiated that their political ambitions can undermine their social considerations. Now, for the successful execution of his plan, the situation required that all the territories in the south of the Pir-Panjal region lower Himalaya should be completely subdued and placed in trusted and safe hands. When, however, the Act was actually put into operation, the government had to face many difficulties. The first invasion of Abdali gave the Sikhs an opportunity to take advantage of the confusion and chaos prevailing in the Punjab. Accordingly, Prince Kharrak Singh led his troops towards Jammu from the north-eastern side of the town via Chah-I-Tutan and Nagrota and in haste he entered Jammu from Dhaunthali, a place that had rocks and hills in the north-eastern direction of Jammu on the right bank of the river Tawi.

He opined that if this section was deleted, the marriage Glancy Commission Report, Nov, 12, , p. It was feared that this proposal, if given effect, would invite harassment from the police. Out of this salary, he was to provide himself and his horse. You should place at his disposal all the blacksmiths, carpenters and other artisans of the military so that he may get the guns manufactured for the fort of Gobindgarh. A gurmata was passed to defeat the Afghans and sack Kasur.

Bhangu also refers to the Maratha invasion of Punjab which began about the end of February Let us assume it to be the anthropological limit of the ruling class. At Dagshai, the Hon. Fredric Cooper, Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar, was advised by his superiors to defend the Fort himself if any such eventuality arose.

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Twenty-four hours later Bahadur Shah, dg titular king of Delhi, was proclaimed Emperor of Hindustan and over five thousand armed men held Delhi.

However, contrary to the popular belief in Jammu and the Punjab that Maharaja Ranjit Singh had conferred the government of Jammu to Gulab Singh, raja Kishora Singh, the father of the latter was bestowed the Rajgi of Jammu. If there was a dispute regarding occupation of any territory, it was settled by the big Sardars on the basis of the principle that the one who had occupied the territory first, his claim was more legitimate.


Lahore Durbar and Jammu: Mian Mota Singh began sending dispatches to the Lahore Durbar concerning the hilly areas and Movid Ranjit Singh attached great value to his views and suggestions. The main reason for the significance of the metals were their economic assets There are references Divine will or divine retribution is thus given its due importance.

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Its defensive works were also poor and ill-designed. However, the Jammu Court was divided into two factions led by Mian Mota Singh, yd of the most experienced courtiers who had earlier acted as Madarul Muham 4 and the headstrong chief queen of Raja Ajit Singh; popularly known as Rani Bandral.

Certainly Maharaja Ranjit Singh was in a sounder position. Mjndy, the Dogra family also substantiated that their political ambitions can undermine their social considerations.

Peter Laslett makes the English ruling class in constitute 2 percent of the population. A gurmata was passed to defeat the Afghans and sack Kasur. Kanahya Lai, Tarikh-e-Punjab,p. Therefore, immediately after encamping, fyll obtained a joint undertaking from the Dogra brothers, in which they reaffirmed their allegiance to the Lahore Durbar.

On this aspect Wahid-ud-din writes: However, inspite of all his limitations, Bhangu furnishes valuable information, though episodic in character, on the Sikh-Afghan relations and the acquisition of territories by the Sikhs in mid-eighteenth century Punjab. Thus, the occupation of Jammu by the Lahore Durbar had very serious repercussions on the internal politics of Jammu that had far-reaching consequences. Not only this, like the Marathas their help was also being sought in the intercenine warfare between the states of Jaisalmer and Bikaner.

The figures also tell why Sikh moovie was not acceptable to the Hindus after annexation. During the first session of the State Assembly on Oct.

At the dawn of the day, they would decamp unmolested, taking with them whatever they thought worth the carriage. Sikh-Afghan Relationship 7 fact that the Sikhs had become important players in the game of acquiring sovereignty in Punjab politics which was in a state of flux.


Ill London,p. The fll layers in the goldmines of Karnataka appear to have been long exhausted. II, March 30 to April 1 1, p. His father had participated in the campaign in which both the Buddha Dal and the Taruna Dal worked unitedly.

Knowing this, his officials were always apprehensive of the drastic action that might be taken against them and therefore they refrained from indulging in corruption. He proposed to omit Section 7 of the Regulation which reads: William Finch found many guards and police posts whose purpose was to prevent robbery, and attend to the welfare fuol travellers.

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A considerable fall, however, took place between the ages ofowing to high female death rate during the reproductive period. However, after the deaths of Mian Dedo and Kishora Singh the Maharaja conferred the Raj government of Jammu on Gulab Singh purely keeping into view his services to the Lahore Durbar and his ability to provide politico-economic stability to this region.

The revolt of did take place in Himachal pradesh, though not to that extent as at other places in Hindustan. Actually it was given to Ala Singh in Feb. 11

His purpose is to narrate them in the context of the history of Punjab in general and that of the Sikhs in particular. The Stronghold of The Lahore Kingdom 29 some European travellers who visited Amritsar has pointed out the weak dimension of its structure. The Sikh customs of marriage and succession to property prevailing among the Sikhs of Majha and Malwa were taken note of kmal all the courts Hence they could not indulge in their favourite hit and run tactics as the Abdali forced them in a face to face combat.