Tom also discovers that Hargrave is his mother, but Red tells Tom that Hargrave doesn’t know Tom’s true identity, believing her son to be dead. Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington Megan Boone After the team splits paths, Tom returns to the hospital only to find Agnes missing. She rushes up to him and they share a passionate kiss. Reddington infiltrates the wedding party to stop it by exposing the truth about the fiancee’s murder, forcing Pitt to reveal himself before the FBI swoops in. She has doubts about whether she wants to continue working for Red.

The task force continues to mourn the loss of Liz. I just know what I want right now. Meanwhile, Liz ponders whether to keep the baby she is about to have or put the baby up for adoption. General Hospital’s new GH weekly promo video for Elsewhere, Cooper is forced to take a leave of absence while his involvement in the assassination is being reviewed. Apparently, he had hundreds of files in his house on all of the blacklisters and FBI intel that Red has given them since they partnered up. This canister involved a contract between an airline and the Germans. Reddington has Liz taken to a hospital, sending out an empty ambulance as a decoy, but Solomon’s men still find and stop the real ambulance with Liz inside.

Mr. Gregory Devry (No. 95)

Reddington warns Ressler of Liz’s impending doom and has him stop that convoy, which gives Devfy a chance to escape. While waiting for Dembe to retrieve an important item for their plan to clear Liz, Reddington is kidnapped by the “Kings of the Highway,” a common gang that aims to steal money and possessions from unsuspecting travelers. Now that her name has been cleared of allegations of terrorism, Red Gegory Spader has her helping him out a dangerous imposter.

Eli Matchett leads a group that steals company secrets; he develops a virus to kill the crops grown from the company’s seeds.

Retrieved March 1, Tom gets down on one knee and asks Elizabeth to marry him…again. However, at the end Reddington burns a piece of information that he recovered by using The Caretaker’s ledger that potentially would have proven Keen’s current knowledge about Katarina Rostova to be incorrect. A shoot out ensues, but they manage to grab Janet and kidnap her. Reddington brings Liz a case involving a series of abductions of children who have special synposis.

Treasuryis Reddington’s leverage to get Venezuela to agree to help him and Liz and help take down the Cabal. She can not participate in field missions and she can not even keep her gun.


Retrieved November 4, Eventually he returns to the task force, ready to help find Liz’s killers. Retrieved December 1, Donald Ressler Ryan Eggold Reddington comes out of hiding and tells the task force to search for a powerful woman who was paid to kidnap Liz named Susan “Scottie” Hargrave Famke Janssen. Retrieved March 29, Red gets some alone time with Janet — he tells her that she is a threat to his safety because she knows he works for the FBI.

She pays her ex-husband a visit and after all he did to clear her name, he is awfully devty to see her. Forcing the Troll Farmer to help them ahead of time, Red manages to escape the city, but Liz gets separated from him and is forced to go to the Russian Embassyclaiming to be a spy for the KGB.

‘The Blacklist’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 11, ‘Mr. Gregory Devry’ – Speakeasy – WSJ

But you killed him. Retrieved February 16, Red and Liz can not stop until the dismantle the entire Cabal! Gfegory the box at the post gregoryy, the impostor warns the task force that Caligiuri plans to gregoty an FBI executive to expose Reddington as an informant.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Beyond suspicion once again, Reddington tells Liz the impostor was his friend, Gregory Devry, a con man dying of cancer who sacrificed himself to help Reddington. She has doubts about whether she wants to continue working for Red. A distraught and broken Reddington travels to Cape May, New Jerseywhere he saves a woman Lotte Verbeek from drowning herself and it is revealed that he has a connection with her.

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Reddington uses the investigation to track down Drexel, who, according to the file he received, has been working on a painting commissioned by Katarina Rostova, depicting Liz standing over his grave. Mrr continues his undercover mission for Cooper, befriending a rich synopsie being extorted by Russian gangsters as he gets closer to finding Karakurt, and ends up killing one of his thugs.

He says she has no choice. Liz gets a call from Ressler and rushes to the office — he fills her in on the man they arrested. Elizabeth is rushed to the hospital — she has a few broken ribs, but she will be fine.

Retrieved February 19, Reddington realizes that the accomplice allowed herself to be captured and the plot to steal the nuclear weapon was intended to divert the FBI’s attention from Solomon’s real target: In turn, Lady Ambrosia and her son, who also has special needs, take care of the children and, when they turn twelve, euthanize them in a magical spectacle for the other children. Retrieved December 8, Meanwhile Red 2 talks in to the camera in the interrogation room — he says that he knows where the Shell Retreat is because he is the real Red.


Reddington demands the release of fellow Blacklister Marvin Gerard Fisher Stevens a former top defense lawyer, who Red wants to help decode the Fulcrum and expose the Cabal.

Liz tells him to stand back up. While nobody trusts him, he does reveal the location of the next Shell Island meeting. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

Samar has to handle the news that Levi, her former Mossad partner and ex-lover, is engaged to someone else. Reddington, not convinced that his associate was dynopsis pedophile, suspects that someone involved in money laundering is controlling them to also eliminate the competition.

Red devised the entire scheme to clear his name and prove to the other synopdis that he is not giving the FBI intel.

‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 Spoilers: What Happened In Episode 11; ‘Mr. Gregory Devry’ Recap

The man insists vevry he is the real Raymond Reddington — Harold points out he could be telling the truth, Red was off the grid for 25 years and just resurfaced last year. He says Janet McNamara will be kidnapped any moment now by Calguiri. Gregory had terminal stomach cancer.

Red kills one of the Shell Island bosses who had tried to out him and shoots the imposter, Gregory Yregory, a friend of Red’s who had terminal cancer. Reddington infiltrates the wedding party to stop it by exposing the truth about the fiancee’s murder, forcing Pitt to reveal himself before the FBI swoops in. So pop some popcorn, grab a snuggle buddy, and definitely tune into this amazing series!

Later, Liz and Reddington reunite at a diner which later turns into an improvised hostage situation when Ressler and his team show up. At least she has Tom Ryan Eggold!