Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Well… actually, not so much so. Two newly weds Adjie and Astrid, along with 3 of their best friends decided to have an interstate road trip as a last attempt to reconcile Adjie with his estranged little sister Ladya. However, her past comes back to haunt her, and as her mental state breaks down, yet more people end up on the chopping block or hanging up on meat hooks in her basement. Many reviews this month sound just great in my ears! This page was last edited on 16 December , at Was this review helpful to you? Boot tactfully starts to lure and murder people.

The youngster Ta returns to his hometown, and his aunt Pan and her husband Aod bring him home to meet his grandfather and his great-grandmother. The trouble is mostly in the storytelling, fractured yet centred it draws shards of past and present in claustrophobic swirl about its lead, not really letting the story breath for itself or gather up a compelling sense of rhythm or flow. And there are other memories of what happened to Boods husband. I just wish the Thai police had actually been a bit more active in their investigation. Meanwhile, the haunting voice still keeps talking to her, and tell her what to do. The continuity between time traveling sequences is so well managed! Search for ” Cheuuat gaawn chim ” on Amazon. In the end it was just ok but not something i will remember.

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But every once in a while, something so obviously crazy and over the top is great fun for me…. The Thai version by far deviates the most from the uncensored version.

I know that some sites like twitch and nipponcinema link but they usely focus on bigger movies. Buss is a disturbed lady who kills people and sometimes makes them into food.


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They want free food and just maybe gtinder take more payment out of Boods ass. Nida as Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul Somlek Sakdikul I’m probably making this one sound much less worthy than it is, certainly others have had stronger and more positive reactions.

Later she retrieves her noodle cart and after taking it home she discovers the dead body of a student rioter inside.

Subordinate 2 Somchat Prachathai Tags Meat Grinder MeatGrinder. In the alley they share a moment and become restrained friends. An artist sinopsiz goes insane while struggling to pay his bills, work on his paintings, and care for his two female roommates, which leads him taking to the streets of New York after dark and randomly killing derelicts with a power drill.

Meat Grinder was released in Marchjust a few mwat before the ratings system came into effect in Thailand. Share your thoughts with this lil’ Catgirl!! Thanks again to Mike and horrornews. Meat Grinder 5. An insatiably curious lil’ kitten with admittedly odd tastes in film and music, addicted to spicy food and berry wine coolers She slices throats and chops into flesh and even slams a guys head into a nail sticking out of a wooden beam!

TV 1h 30min Horror 19 March Thailand.

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I just wish the Thai police had actually been a bit more active in their investigation. Added to that are several strange warnings, harmless and irrelevant alternative footage, additional scene in the shorter version, changes in running-speed and even a blur effect due to censorship.

Hopefully this version will actually have the grineer Thai audio that was replaced by mandarin on the recent HK region 3 release, the only other current subtitled version out there. So she grinds him up to put the meat in her noodle soup! This one was… well….


Having been taught some pretty dubious and unconventional food preparation and cooking skills by her mother, she decides to open up a noodle stall, using the body of a man left over from a riot as the main ingredient. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For now im just waiting for my latest order to arrive with some older and newer movies.

Bood inherited a noodle cart from her mother and one day while she is pushing the cart down the street a political riot breaks out and in the chaos a young man grabs her and pulls her to safety. Subordinate 1 Shiny Khunthong There was some great ideas, the love story for was example really funny, but in the same time it felt like they had to many ideas they wanted to fit in the same movie. It does all just about hang together aside from unexplained and irrelevant scenes involving riotersit has some classy moments and the story works itself out in appropriately twisted fashion, but I was a bit nonplussed overall by it.

Search for ” Cheuuat gaawn chim ” on Amazon. You are commenting using your Twitter account. We know this early on in a scene where the landlord knocks on the door and tells Bood that she owes back rent and must pay up soon or she will be evicted and mentions her deadbeat husband.