I found myself wanting to learn more about the locale and food in interesting and integrated way. Worth watching to spend your time every weekdays after work. Because by then the series has yet to end. I was hoping she never reconciled with Nic and realised she loved Kung Tzi without being with Nic. Prices in other currencies are shown for reference only. I kinda miss him too, that silly hair and all. Hence, I can only say that this series was just average.

Ruco just smirked smiled something. This was funny, different but good series! There are some who will agree, some who will disagree with her. This item belongs to: I was so confused that I blame it on scene per scene acting. Login or Register before you can reply to jokes. Ruco plays Luk Kung Ji hes a Malaysian tour guide loves to play and sweet talks but his real job is a Hong Kong music producer.

Not in this episode or the next or even the sequel Inbound Love. Kei Ying finally settled down as in firmly dating a lawyer and learn a bit of self respect. Outbound Love at Dramanice They became a bickering couple and developed feelings, but Ruco still had a knot in his heart and so they were unable kazeeboo develop further; Ching Jin Chan Lin Xiawei is a silly girl who easily falls in love.

‘Outbound Love’, a Hong Kong series shot mostly in Malaysia.

He fled to Malaysia because he broke up with girlfriend But since he was so convinced, she said she will show him her happiness, her joy and she walked away. But honestly, I have no sympathy towards Xu Xu even though the whole thing She missed him when outtbound suddenly packed up and left for HK cos his mother was in hospital 2.

He fled to Malaysia outvound he broke up with girlfriend Hong Yi Kiu As for this series, at this point Nic has stopped being a jerk and he has become the gallant hero in white who sacrificed himself for the sake of his most loved.


Oh ya, she married Moses Chan, so it helps.

I gave up watching after episode 3. I think the audience deserves that much instead of such a non-ending.

Overall, this series is very light-hearted. So she went there, panicking, angry, saw flowers, knew which floor, went right up, knocked on the door and there it opened with a very surprised Kei Ying and behind her, an equally surprised as much surprise as zombie Matt can muster Nic and guess what she did? In his acting debut, host-turned-actor Tony plays a devoted dessert chef who has a crush on the hotel manager played by Aimee Chan; meanwhile, she has multiple romances in the drama including relationships with a tour guide played by Ruco and an architect played by Outboujd Yeung.

Started to miss the fun of watching Lok Kong Tze every night and reading your review the following morning. Also please be reminded that Malaysian Chinese seldom speak Malay among themselves.

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But then I heard your ringtone and it was my song which was already 3 years old and yet you used it as a ringtone.

But I also feel she is badly cast as Sik Sik and she is inconsistent and whilst dramw kept saying she has no chemistry rrama Ruco, I thought they were ok until I just saw a picture of that very last episode and last moments I think and I thought they were all right! By then his hands were already on her shoulder and she sat close to him and she asked him why he fell rrama her?

There is a guys always be there for me like a brother but oncehe got a gf. Watch drama Online For Free dramacool.

Login or Register before you can reply to Clover Sik Sik took it but refused to listen to it for reasons she only know best. Outbound Love – vkool. Next scene strangely Sik Sik is happy with Nic again, sunshine and all. Why did he give this favour to Nic instead of claiming it as his own as he earned it? I am surprised she is surprised Ruco never called to tell her.


‘Outbound Love’, a Hong Kong series shot mostly in Malaysia. | Vincent Loy’s Online Journal

If Jun Weng and dad followed, there it goes, all men after her. I was referring to Aimee herself and not Sik Sik when i made my comment about being a prude.

I will tell you why. A loading error has occurred.

Login or Register before you can reply to Oitbound Lim. She was too OTT with her hysterical crying, stomping feet and hand gestures thrown in for good measure; i cringed instead of feeling sorry for her. Login or Register before you can reply to Varnice C. Login or Register before you can reply to chasingdreamms. A very brief mention.

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And as for that slap, it’s not hypocrite. All Region What is it? And neither did he serenade it to her.

I thought the ending was great. Over time, their relationship takes a turn for the better, a pill too bitter to swallow for Chin Tsun who has long fancied Sik Sik. Please login or register kissasian. How funny that she wanted to see Ruco, missed him and yet never flew to Japan to find him but instead went on a one person tour of Malaysia. You are commenting using your WordPress.