Takethispunch 29 September Weakest acting, poor direction, no screenplay, no story, bad music mix and there is nothing at all to it. Scooby Doo rs paytm free bit. Varun doesn’t let you down either. This movie does a decent job for the young viewers who just want mindless entertainers but for the elder or logical audiences, this flick is just a mess! Some of them, can even become, my phone ringtone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It’s really awful as there are scenes in the film, where it is activated, yet the two twins don’t share the same reaction to physical pain or body language. And then they showed that a filthy rich daughter of a mall owner went all dizzy up on being kissed by the slum dweller of Versova! Listening to supporting performers like Rajpal Yadav as Nandu, whine all the time, made my ears, bleed. Trying to create the same magic after 20 years, David Dhawan makes a disaster known as Judwaa 2 which stars his son Varun Dhawan in a double role. At the same time, Tiger escapes from jail to kidnap Krishna and recognises Malhotra, who shot his father Ratan and finds out that Raja is his son. Performances – Varun Dhawan is good in his role of Raja and Prem. Everything was same like the early movie “Judwaa” then what’s the point in making remake.

A terrible dated comedy made from some very nepotism people.

NEW Basuri Aashique 2. The dialogues are penned by Sajid – Farhad which are partially funny, rinttone dialogues like “Ammi jaan kaha karti thi It totally not worth finding.

According to Box Office Indiathe film had an excellent opening in Don’t tell me that you don’t need to make sense out of comedy movies. Judwa 2 — Film defies astrology so totally!

Show Me Deirdre odell Retrieved from ” https: Poorest in all categories. Summary – This is a below average movie with a good performance from Varun and Taapsee, a few laughs, a good looking cast and fantastic music. Firstly,its a reboot of blockbuster judwaa starring salman khan, same ringgone, same dialogues,same songs,same characters. One reaches the slums of Versova and the other reaches the plush bungalow of his parents in London! She becomes totally smitten — dhili-dhali — silly pilly after being smooched!


Highest Grossing Hindi Films. Enraged Tiger ujdwa her and Raja fights with him to save his sister. Pick Up The Phone Akash ringtone With added loudness and overacting by the three leads, this movie is ringtome indigestible Masala.

The last one was dumb.

But there’s still a large chunk of people who watch such movies no offense which make no sense. Kumar SanuKavita Krishnamurthy. Believe me, at one point, you’re tempted to join Varun when he is doing those perfect pelvic thrusts. Father moves to foreign country with mommy and the other child. Judwa Basuri Ringtone Info Info. Download ringtones to your mobile phone directly or via computer.

Judaai Special Tone gulshan maurya Archived from the original on 5 October Comprehensively, this cynical film has a lot of funny scenes that make you laugh for no reason as it’s a film which makes no sense. To see the Top 10 best ringtones for mobile phones, just sort ringtones by popularity. Starting with the issue of nepotism, this is literally the biggest example of it.

She don’t even know how to smile properly. Actually I can’t get it that even after 20 years, such kind of screenplays are written and jhdwa also ringgtone.

fklm And, he is viewed by those clued into Hindi mainstream cinema as a combination of Govinda and Salman, both of who carried off their kitsch routine with a certain flair. Same old movie with new characters.


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I am going with 1-out-of eingtone IMDb doesn’t allow me to give -infi. Views Read Edit View history. Some of them, can even become, my phone ringtone. It’s just blind fan following. He does a good job in differentiating the characters of Raja and Prem and carries the burden of whole movie on his shoulder.

Even if I write the most negative review, that will also be nothing in the honor of this movie. Spending so much on location, songs and dance would not give inception ribgtone a good film unless script is thoroughly worked upon.

If you know this is a remake you are old too. DeadMan66 29 September Like other Bollywood films, there was very few dark-skinned Indians in this comedy. Whether he is playing a geek or a goon, he is absolutely endearing and delivers, exactly what his daddy orders him to.

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As for the leading man, Varun Dhawan. They add symmetry, symbolism and sometimes comedic moments to any story. If I take a film like The Terminator as an example, that was written and directed by Cameron and was really nice.

Ratan wounds himself and is taken to the hospital, where Malhotra is waiting for his wife Geeta Reema Lagoowho is in labour. There is no definition of Story, Script and direction tin Judwz 2.

What is the need to copy already a crap movie.