New biopic has been cast. What a compelling case. Namath was a pig, treated women like whores, and was full of himself. YOUR obsessive sickness is not cured! This could be a really good movie if they do it right. He was – and remains – a beloved figure in American pop culture.

Joe was an exciting dynamic figure with incredible charm. As a brit bad teeth, aging badly, I know the score I have no idea who is Joe Namath is. Of course, why wouldn’t they, OP? I think he probably considered himself really fortunate. In his heyday, Joe Namath made headlines all the time, and now it seems his wardrobe has been creating all the buzz. THR has word that The Wolverine director is currently in early talks with Fox to direct an untitled biopic about legendary football quarter back Joe Namath. Well, since JG is most likely not gay, I don’t see why homophobic people would hold anything against him, OP. Between the two events, the festival [

Mangold was mentioned in relation to the project back inwhen Jake Gyllenhaal was reportedly eyeing the starring role. The biopic will tell the story of how the “golden-armed kid from Beaver FallsPa. In any case, this doesn’t strike me as all that important.

And Jake’s people are assholes no pun intended! He grew up in a very macho culture that would have demanded a het front. Well, since JG is most likely not gay, I don’t see why homophobic people would hold anything against him, Jakr.

That wife had some real issues and was probably the last person gyllenhaall should have married. And speaking of Joe and his coin toss, the legendary NFL star got a bit jjoe excited and threw the Outside of DataLounge and a handful of other such forums none of any influencemost of America, homophobic or otherwise, thinks Gyllenhaal is straight The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb’s opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual.


Jake Gyllenhaal To Play Joe Namath

Why is America homophobic and what does that have to do with Jake Gyllenhaal? They all thought this out. That’s a good one. Once again, OP manages to initiate a thread on Jake Gyllenhaal and ‘Brokeback Mountain’, proving her obsessive sickness is not yet cured. Of course, why wouldn’t they, OP? He’s a ruff, street smart, arrogant man and lonely, I’d say. Stories were never printed because of the time.

I don’t think we’ve gone downhill since then. Zap2it is here to help. He will not persuade byllenhaal that he is Namath. And to admit a dalliance like the one described above back then in a sports bio was brave.

Emile Hirsh is going to do well. I say cable, bcz they can then show more sexually explicit shit. Every year, corporate America pours millions of dollars into movie-related spots — some starring Hollywood A-listers, others riffing on classic films — in an attempt to convince inebriated football fans to buy cars, beer, junk food, deodorant jaie whatever else we probably don’t need but which might make our sad, empty lives have more meaning.

Advertise About Tips Contact Us. Someone should “poo-poo” your face. Danny Elfman composed [ Donald McKayle, another legit name, is to direct and choreograph. You either got it or you ain’t. He was all “she nearly broke my jaw later on” or something.

David Hollander will write the script once the writers strike is over. Joe is gay or bi. He is a very good actor. I am interested to see what the Walk the Line director can do with Namath ‘s story, and hope the project comes to fruition this time around. Guess he hit a nerve, OP.


Love the 70s look. Uh, anyone who knew him in Fort Lauderdale knew he was bi. This crap has made for TV written all over it. I was only joking, R Joe Namath was one of those guys. Joe is more earthy, much wilder than Jake is.

Jake Gyllenhaal to take on movie role of ‘Broadway Joe’ Namath – Baltimore Sun

Joe Namathyou better work. Doc stops game to give Dirk impromptu send-off Dallas Mavericks. Namath had the same thing going for him.

Her troubles – being arrested only days after her latest release from rehab – has the tragic tinge of inevitability. We put together potential contract offers Baltimore Ravens. She is going to have to fight this fight about addiction over and over again.

And Jake just wrapped his arms around this role and said, “Yes. It’s obvious that this several proves America isn’t homophobic. Actually, that sounds better than the Namath movie. R51 is a horny Florence Henderson. Only interested because I can’t understand how such a total unknown can generate such a debate. Will they tell the truth about, Jaje

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