As the area’s military commander and chief administrator, he garrisons and reconstructs Jericho, and puts New Bern under lockdown for starting the conflict. Shep Cale 4 episodes, Mackenzie Hannigan Bonnie Richmond portrayed by Shoshannah Stern is Stanley’s younger sister. Director 19 Credits Stephen Scaia. The fans might have saved ‘Jericho ‘ “. Robert Hawkins receives a morse code message on a ham radio stating that Denver, Atlanta, Chicago , Philadelphia , Kansas City , San Diego and several more cities not shown on screen have been attacked.

Townsperson uncredited 1 episode, Angie Rutan The game began with a cryptic letter posted on a website, supposedly from a Tom Tooman of Lame Deer, Montana. Searcher 1 episode, Tim Sitarz After the September Attacks, Mimi finds herself stranded in Jericho; after her motel closes, she writes off some of Stanley’s debt in exchange for room and board at the Richmond farm. James 2 episodes, Delegate 1 episode, Dylan Kenin Cell Leader 2 episodes, Ned Bellamy

Thomas Valente 6 episodes, Trish unknowingly reveals to Goetz that Mimi knows about his embezzlement, leading to his raid on the Richmond farm in which Bonnie is killed. Robert Hawkins Sprague Grayden Jake Green 30 episodes, Lennie James In Season 2, Mary finds her bar back in business jreicho the arrival of the A.

Before the series, Jonah was a freight worker who had a side business in crime. Sarah pretended to be kidnapped by a group seeking the device as ransom, but the nuclear attacks happened before anything could be discussed.


It was shown in more than 30 countries. Woman 1 episode, Kyle 2 episodes, When Robert has to leave town to deliver the bomb to Texas, Darcy and Robert finally put the past behind them, knowing this is a dangerous mission.


Retrieved 24 October EMT Tech 1 episode, Valente sends Major Beck and his battalion to Jericho to end their border war with New Bern, and makes it clear his primary objective is to find and kill Sarah Mason though by this point she is long dead. New Bern Soldier 1 episode, Mark Engelhardt Dead Inmate uncredited 1 episode, Nora Paradiso Ranger Frank 1 episode, Robert Dolan This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Share your feedback on WikiFoundry Central. The orders for Red Bell, if they failed to stop the September Attacks, were to rendezvous in Jericho with family members only; but Victor, unwilling to stand by and see others die, gathers twenty survivors along with his daughter.

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Fan Art – Avatars. Gary uncredited 2 episodes, Michael Hexum Interviewer 1 episode, Brad Fleischer In the season one finale, armed residents of New Bern attack Jericho with crude mortars made at the factories in New Bern. Pedestrian uncredited 1 episode, Rick Williamson Oh please tell me when its coming back For instance, CBS’ 8-episode plot summary reads: Sarah Mason 5 episodes, Kristen Rodriguez This succeeds, but Jonah has become more ruthless and amoral: Heather Lisinski Kenneth Mitchell Army’s jercho of Jericho.


They are only minimally connected to each episode’s plot.

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Chris Calley 1 episode, Mark Adair-Rios Jericho movie in development”. These include secret communications with unknown persons through a locked laptop computer, the monitoring of shortwave radio messages, and the storage of a large unmarked barrel containing the kiloton kt nuclear device that he was assigned to deliver to Columbus, Ohioand detonate.

Sean Henthorn 7 episodes, Gray is portrayed as more of a businessman than a leader of the community and is seen to crack under pressure, leaving others Johnston, Eric, Jake etc.

Alex Utley 1 episode, Maurice Godin This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat The citizens of the town rebel against the local ASA soldiers. I can’t say what it will be in season 3, but I’m excited for the new developments.

After the September Attacks, Mitch reappears in Jericho to harass the townspeople, again working with Jonah’s band of survivalists, and is unpleasantly surprised to see in Bailey’s Tavern, as he and the other survivalists assumed Jake had perished in the Denver blast.

Jonah Prowse 6 episodes, Cop 1 1 episode,