Midas Touch, The 6. Intoarcerea lui Voda Lapusneanu Cel mai iubit dintre paminteni 8. Titanic vals 9. In vreme de razboi Ambasadori, cautam patrie

Skip to main content. Prevent them from killing it. Simpaticul domn R Another significant element revealed in the series is that Varga and his followers are from Transylvania, and we understand that from the discus- sions they have, and from their accent. Miss Litoral 8. Consequently a psychological game begins, ending with the Baron making the wrong choice and killing the real member of the Movement.

Egreta de fildes Zestrea domnitei Ralu Train de vie 7.

Romwnesc a rather semi-professional cinematog- raphy based especially on documentaries depicting everyday life and light comedies, it started to produce films ordered by the communist leaders, pure propaganda with an ideological foundation that drumeh general public understood easily. Within this timeframe the Iron Guard had the political power, so they could, therefore, be depicted as abusing it; after the left-wing government came to power, the films started to vilify the opposition towards the new regime by associating it to the Legionaries, shown as the ones ordering various terrorist attacks.


School of Work, The Noi unde ne jucam?

Russian title Maria, Mirabella 8. Pe muntele Retezat Flori de gheata Still, for the director himself, this film proved to be fatal, because he encountered difficulties in directing other films in the years to follow.

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Fowl Play 6. In one of the scenes, the film goes even further: Tu, cea mai sfanta dintre toate Oana Paunescu despre Kyra Kyralina.

Intre oglinzi paralele Piticul din gradina de vara TV. Expresul de Buftea Soarele si trandafirul In the second part of the film, Iorga is threatened by them, but he answers very elegantly I owe no explanation to confused, exalted or enchanted people, whose logic is at the lowest level ; this way the film makes a clear distinction, putting educated people on one dfumet and Legionaries on the other.

Iancu Jianu, zapciul 9. They had the task of disseminating the communist ideas to the common people, without, however, succeeding to have a major impact on the masses; it was rather the elites who enjoyed, understood and appreciated their films.


La un punct de agitatie Milionar pentru o zi Artist evoca o lume, Un Simi si Lia Lumini si piatra Orasul nu doarme niciodata Among these, Triumph des Willens [Triumph of the Will] is a landmark. Noiembrie, ultimul bal 1.

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Simfonie in alb Baietasul lui taticu Operatiunea ‘Monstrul’ 9. Puterea si adevarul Leac pentru soacre, Un Humanitas,pp.

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