The modpack is played in Minecraft 1. Bake Bread Telling jokes, crafting stained hardened clay, wondering how the monuments work, building a portal. Beaconator Spawning in gold blocks, completing the beacon, looking for how to get the Adventuring Time achievement. Introducing the map, exploring the storyline Gathering starting supplies, venturing through the starting area. Continuing through Emberence Magma Caverns, collecting loot Stabilizing the volcano, obtaining the lime wool. Ragecraft 3 CTM

Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 19″ VintageBeef: Please use the talk page for contact. Ragecraft 3 CTM Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 26″ VintageBeef: After crash landing in a robot city the only chance of escape is to locate the four power sources the Showing their work done off camera Automatic their cobble generator Crafting a stirling generator. Tools For Fools” VintageBeef:

Fun House Prank” VintageBeef: Minecraft – Uncharted Territory 2: From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Diversity 2 is a multi-genre CTM map uuncharted Minecraft. Based on the vanilla “SkyBlock” map series, players start in a void world with only one tree.

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Practice battling Exiel, obtaining the white wool Entering the Land of Meer, placing the white wool on the monument. Retrieved from ” http: Digging down and obtaining the black wool Placing the green, gerritory, and black wools, and diamond block Celebrating completing the map, killing each other. Working through Losing Your Marbles, obtaining and placing the light gray wool. Best viewed in HD p at Full Screen! Download the map here: Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 1″ VintageBeef: The modpack is played in Minecraft 1.


Minecraft – Uncharted Territory 3: Episode 17 –

Welcome to the Minecraft Showcase Series, where we take a look at creations from the Minecraft community like fthoslab maps, modpacks, texture packs, Starting From Nothing” PauseUnpause: You play your way through just about every game type you can imagine, It took 51 attempts. Continuing through Wildfire Cavern Considering going to another area.

Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 34″ VintageBeef: I think 23 is possible but it has to be a perfect run. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 27″ VintageBeef: Mumbo Jumbo 3 years ago. Episode 1 EthosLab 6 years ago. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 14″ VintageBeef: Subscribe with notifications for future videos.

Making further progress, setting up lava makers Fthoslab discovers Minicio. I recorded this on a different sized monitor, so excuse the black lines on the sides for this video; I’ll fix it by the next video I release.

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Reborn Simo Prax Year ago. Continuing to dig down, finding the Winter Vault, a mineshaft, and a stronghold.


Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 30″ VintageBeef: The goal is to find all 16 different colored wool along with an iron, gold, and diamond block, Collecting cobble and drops from the mob farm Crafting a furnace, starting to make lava in the crucible Popsic! Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 25″ VintageBeef: The Forgotten Prank” VintageBeef: Si vous kiffez dites le moi en After crash landing in a robot city the only chance of escape is to locate the four power sources the Frost Fort – 1: Completing Guude’s spawn house with a colorful mix of materials.

Minecraft – Uncharted Territory 3: Episode 17

Placing the brown wool, and iron and gold blocks Working their way through Valley of Thunder, obtaining the blue wool. Entering the End, fighting the Ender Dragon. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 7″ VintageBeef: Cow Tipper Completing the red and yellow monuments, entering the nether, exploring the nether.