In the Legends and elsewhere punishments are all vindictive and cruel, most ingenious indei-d in their cruelty ; and torture is solely used as a. There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. The hold that the desire of a son to succeed has on the people is more than once powerfully indicated in the Legends. I understand that one of the purposes of media is to entertain while informing people of what actually happens in a society. The whole machine creaks, as a beggar among the husbandmen. That was when everyone knew Hamza Akram had hit the sweet spot. And I told him I was a complete failure. Every kind of supernatural being, go-d, godling, hero, saint, wise-woman, wizard, demon, devil, ogre, exorcist, and the like can grant or procure sons.

Her beauty is, of course, all-conquering, the animal world, the heavenly bodies, and the God of the Waters Khwaja Khizar succumb- ing to it, and like the hero, she is known by “signs” — e. We see a young boy walking out to the pitch in test match attire. She would take me everywhere and she did not hold back. For a Thursday evening, technically still a weeknight, it was packed. It is as distinctly attributed in another instance to Gorakhnath, in circumstances where a miracle would seem to have been more appropriate, and in the midst of a host of miracles related of this great saint or holy man. Between Siddharth and Divyendu, there are some truly funny moments such as the one where they go buy a gift for Seema on behalf of Sid. Indeed, in the legend of Niwal Dai we are expressly told, ” It was the virtuous time of the golden age ; all things could speak their mind.

The present volume has been completed precisely on the same lines as those that have preceded it ; the only difference being ualaye the addition of an index to the three supplementary volumes and of a supplementary index to this Preface.

All my studying is over, for Fate hath brought me love. He travels across the country to interview musicians and scholars, attend music concerts and to observe the teaching of this beautiful art. This is prac- tically the line that every one who undertakes the exposition of the subject seems to adopt in the end, and I apprehend that it is a procedure that will commend itself to my readers.

Dhanna, the Bhagat, is always connected with the story of making a god out of a stone; Rode Shah with the well-known greenness of the dub’gmss in the dry weather; Guru Gugga with speaking from his mother’s womb; Sakhi Sarwar with several performed at his shrine ; and Gorakhnath with a whole string of them performed in “the Land of Karu.


Every man performs a pure classical solo, starting from the youngest all the way to the eldest. The well-known Oriental concep- tion of hospitality and its obligations is sanctuary pure and simple, both in theory and practice. Take me to Danabad, this life irks me.

All sorts of animals act as messengers. And to the same category must, I think, be referred the universally popular sleeping-beauty.

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And the singers sang songs of rejoicing at the gate of the Chief of Khiwa. They all mean a very large quantity to the peasant story- teller, and for that purpose one large figure is as good as another. What turbaned youth is in Bibo’s house? Sukki, ahida chaukata ; kiwm khade kamror! Any given notion is not traceable to a distinct single basis, but strikes its roots in fact into many, and can often be classified indifferently under any one of several heads.

Come home and be my love. Let me sleep this hour, we will enter Danabad the next. Narrow the lane, small the house, fool wast thou? Media is but a product of society.

It could hardly be expected that the regular and jalay priesthood of India would allow so fruitful a source raknha class and personal profit as is ofEered by such a matter as fortune-telling to pass them by, and so we are distinctly told that the casting of horoscopes, or the grant of peeps into the future, is the peculiar province of the Brahmans.

In the matter of vows and oaths the Legends give a great number of instances in which a certain form of oath or vow, used for many purposes, but generally for emphasis, has be- come common to both Hindus and Musalmans.

But the pastry remained in the plate and the essences in the bags, The jewels in the caskets and the bangles and necklaces too!

Besides those ah-eady quoted, saintly prayer restores to life not only man and beast, but also trees and gardens, restores lost sight and limbs, procures a son, prevents a boat from sinking and produces unlimited food. His confidence level was at an all-time low infollowing what he calls his worst performance ever.


But cupidity demands much more than the mere supply of necessities, and the narrators of the stories about saints have bad to cater ta this failing of human nature, and hence the miraculous prodiactioa of in- exhaustible treasure and inexhaustible supplies of food, the inexhaustible bags, the stories of ” loaves and fishes,” and such like ; the finding of hidden treasure and the creation of gold and jewels and of all sorts of unlikely objects, even out of ar praying-carpet.


That very ancient and wide- spread Oriental emblem of divine protection, the shade giving umbrella, is repeatedly mentioned, as might be expected, in its degenerated form of a sign of royalty and thence of dignity generally. Enemies are cut to pieces, buried and burnt alive, shot to death with arrows, buried up to the neck to starve, in company on occasion with thorns, scorpions snakes, and so on.

Misfortune is upon us, and we shall not win the victory. Every kind of supernatural being, go-d, godling, hero, saint, wise-woman, wizard, demon, devil, ogre, exorcist, and the like can grant or procure sons. Self- mutilation and self-blinding to gain small objects are among them, stretched in more than one notorious instance into the impossible feat of striking off his own head as alms.

The woman he ends up marrying is in an extra-marital relationship and leaves him high and dry, wanting to return to our heroine. Ceremonial bathing, as a result of the notion of the holiness and cleansing powers inherent in water, is the great panacea in India, and out of the holy bathing places perhaps more wealth has been transferred from the laity to the coffers of the priestly classes than from anything else that has been invented for the ghost- ly benefit of the people.

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The women sat within and the guests at the door. The man is question pulls out his food.

J Mirza went to the Siyals and bowed his head to the Kheras. Thus, in the quaint tales that have gathered round the memory of the Saints of Jalandhar, we find an account of the struggle for local spremacy between a Musilman saint and his rival and counterpart a Hindu joji and the point for the present purpose is that the characteristics and the powers of the pair are represented as being precisely the same: Hoio dfina phale, chaugunS, teri mehndi doya chhaun.

The internship was unpaid and all volunteers for college students and later high-schoolers.