Ketan and his parents come to Reva’s house to discuss and confirm the marriage of Ketan and Reva. At the end, Kaivalya goes to girls’ room and starts playing his synthesizer. When Meenal watches Reshma crying, she asks Kaivalya for the reason. Sujay initially shies away from talking to Reshma’s father but letter agrees to speak to him. Frightened Rakesh calls Reshma back to his house. From here begins a journey of evolving relationships, changing dreams, heartbreaks, countless moments of pain and joy.

Dil Dosti Duniyadaari’ is a journey of 6 friends, all of different shades and colors. These 6 individuals have now found family away from family. Reshma comes back to the room with her friends. He asks her to get ready to fall. Rakesh suggests her to take divorce from him and marry another person. Reshma takes the clothes and starts doing hand wash. Will Aashutosh speak out his heart to Kinjal? Sujay asks her to pay the complete amount.

Reshma takes the clothes and starts doing hand wash. Will Reshma stay back with Meenal? Sujay calls Ana’s parents to know about their location.

Later Reshma calls Meenal and informs her that Rakesh is behaving agreeably. Aashutosh, Kaivalya, Ana and Sujay try their best to make Reshma outburst her emotions. Nisha meets Rakesh’s father-in-law.

They try to pull him out of the room but fail to move him from the floor. Meenal brings Reshma to her room. Sujay overloads the washing machine with clothes of his roommates. She further tells them that Reshma would join them as roomie. He informs it to Ana and Meenal. She receives a call from her father. In the meantime, they get to know that Reshma too hasn’t watched Sholay yet.


All roommates laugh at Aashutosh’s language, which upsets him. Out of frustration, Reshma tells them that she wish to die.

Dil Dosti Duniyadaari – Episode 110 – July 15, 2015 – Webisode

Aashutosh and Sujay too sluggishly support Kaivalya’s stand. Later Reshma tells Meenal that she is going to leave the room. Meenal asks Rakesh to come to the room every week to talk to Reshma’s father on phone.

Rakesh calls to Reshma’s father and asks him to fpisode Reshma to Mumbai. Kaivalya and his friends realize that Reshma’s crying used to entertain them.

Rakesh receives Reshma on the railway station and brings her to his residence. All roomies start wondering about the new person. Will Reshma keep the promise? After understanding Reshma’s plight, Ana requests her male friends to allow Reshma to stay with them.

In the room Reshma spots a photo of a girl. Kaivalya, Aashutosh and Sujay find Reshma crying and helpless in her room. Aashutosh grabs the container and eats all the Pohe. Epsode Reshma be able to pay her room rent?

Dil Dosti Duniyadari Full Episode 4

Will Kaivalya agree to his friends demand? Dil Dosti Duniyadaari Season 1. Finally, Kinjal enters into the apartment. Kaivalya tells Meenal that they can’t share the room with Reshma.

In the night, when all are asleep, Reshma and Ana decide to watch the film, on Sujay’s laptop.

Dil dosti duniyadari full episode 50

Aashutosh wishes Ana for her birthday in his own unique style. He asks her to get ready to fall.

Meenal strictly tells Sujay that she would not share her room with any new person. Rakesh approaches his father-in-law to tell him his plans of separation.


Dil Dosti Duniyadaari – Episode – July 15, – Preview – video dailymotion

The roommates enjoy the washing and starts singing aloud. Meenal wonders about the sudden change in Rakesh’s behavior. From here begins a journey of evolving relationships, changing dreams, heartbreaks, countless moments of pain and joy. Will Reshma and roomies forgive Kaivalya for his slip duniyadqari Reshma reaches to a railway station. Epjsode informs Reshma about his relationship with his girlfriend Nisha.

They demand party from Sujay. Reshma leaves the house and goes out on the street.

Kaivalya comes near Sujay to play his newly bought synthesizer. Reshma tells the roommates that her father wants to speak to Rakesh on the phone. Kaivalya brings a beggar to the room and announces to his roommates that the beggar will join them as roomie.

Aashutosh’s roomies learn that he hasn’t prepared any lines to be spoken to Kinjal while proposing. Rakesh tells Reshma that he neither can attend Reva’s marriage nor he can help her. They bet and decide to make Reshma cry. On the other hand, Kaivalya goes to a police station to file complaint for his missing watch. Reshma tells him that she has only two thousand rupees.

As Kinjal’s arrival draws near, Aashutosh’s roommates start preparing for the perfect romantic atmosphere in the room. As he pushes her to the edge, she pulls herself back.