I like your blog a lot… Thank you for all the recaps. I love to read your views of this episode also. Same goes here with this Alice. So being a chaebol’s wife is still the Cinderella’s dream out there, even if the marriage is a loveless one only seen as a business transaction. Love could easily ruin everything, clouding her judgment. Oh, the Yoon Jo character is also interesting. If I were Se-kyung, I’d close the elevator doors and leave the party. I loved this episode for the cuteness between the leads.

But I do hope that Cha Seung Jo will accept reality and look at things as they really are for only in doing that will he realize that Han Se Kyung did like him for who he is and not for what he has. He shakes her off and asks what she is doing since its all over. I’m hoping the next episode redeems her a little. Wow, this drama has completely lost its way now. The main couple is HOT!!! When Se Kyung and Seung Jo arrive at the altar, an imaginary priest appears and they exchange their vows and pretend rings. Dude, can I smack her?

Frankly, life doesn’t work like that. I’ve always wondered why people rave about PSH, and now, after watching him for the first time, I totally am infatuated too. Se Kyung smiles and says Seung Jo works so hard at helping her out. I think she needs a really good friend like sj has his dr friend to give her sound advice.

Se Kyung and Seung Jo arrive at the French restaurant and he claims its for a tasting of the party menu so she can plan the right outfit. I paused, rewound, replayed, paused, rewound, played the scene over and over again!! She wonders why Cha Seung-jo changed his name. But how is that a good thing? It’s easy for us to judge her decisions from our perspective, but given that she just came out of a 10 year relationship where she made all of the “right” decisions and was rewarded for it by being abandoned and robbed!


Se Kyung walks through the street cheongdamm her heel breaks. This drama hurts so good.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 5 Recap

That was so funny! I wonder if sj will actually fill out that questionnaire. I had hoped that after its decline, it would reclaim its former excitement. Ah Jung is just happy Secretary Kim is not a fraud.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 6 Recap

Cheongddam returns home unhappily, and he hugs the Happy Bunny to help comfort his aching heart. So, this may be his latest method. Seung-jo is a little surprised that he could feel so many emotions with one girl once again.

Se Kyung asks Seung Jo to lower his head and measures his neck, getting very close to him. Looking forward to the subs. Totally love this drama.

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This is just such an enjoyable romp that has come out at the correct time of the year. Se-kyung leaves first, and despite having some lingering feelings for Seung-jo, she convinces herself that she did the right thing in breaking off ties with him. My only comment is that I like Yoon Joo but she is being so foolish right now. Yoon Joo arrives with a present of an expensive portrait for Tommy.

So it would be best if she disappeared from alicf eyes. While dad tries to look on the bright side, Se-jin starts crying in misery.

Seung-jo says his mother died when he was in middle school, and that he no longer keeps in contact with his father. Se-kyung clarifies that they only have a business relationship, leaving Seung-jo to apologize for not having considered her feelings.


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Dong Wook cautions him to answer truthfully and points out that he almost blew his cover last night. How do you know? Yoon Joo is at the art gallery with her mother-in-law who hands off the marry In Hwa to Jean Thierry Cha project to her. V December 19, at Psycho-jo is surprised she knows about it tecap she admits to seeing his text message in the hospital. One of my favorite dramas ever is Prosecutor Princess and one of the things that I loved about it was ccheongdam though Lawyer Seo knowingly hurt, used, and manipulated Ma Hyeri she saw his sincerity despite that and saved him forgave him.

Would she be protective of him because she’s hurt him in the past or allow SK to use him? The drama has totally lost its touched! My mind is spinning with all the different possibilities of things that could happen… In song is definitely a huge threat. Of course I thought of you.

I guess love and abandonment are his trigger points and otherwise, he is a functional human businessman. It’s more significant than I thought then, which is good because it means the producers are being cheongdma with this.

The elevators are already coming up, so she hurries to the staircase. Se Kyung is about to tell Seung Jo everything when he cuts her off and says with a smile cheongdxm he has something to show her today.