Crash a helicopter in Antarctica, who would do that? Introducing The Swatch Flymagic. An excellent condition gentlemans pre owned chronometer rated super quartz movement accurate to within 15 seconds a year titanium Breitling Emergency wrist watch E Featuring a blue Orbiter III dial on a titanium professional I bracelet which will fit a wrist size of up to 7. After all, help is only a twist of a crown away. Four screws pass through from below and hold the watch module in place on top of the case. Lucky for them, they happened to be wearing a Breitling Emergency.

And that is more than slightly maddening. Perhaps for a pilot, the bracelet is a good fit, but for more rough and tumble pursuits, I think the long supple rubber strap is perfect. We’d be glad to help. And is that such a bad thing? What we have found here is a very limited edition version of the Emergency, called the Orbiter 3. This incredible watch, as worn by the red arrows, is designed for pilots and aircrews. Switch it on, adjust the volume, press the Emergency firmly into the specially shaped cradle and the radio static is interrupted by an intermittent distress siren.

After all, help is only a twist of a crown away. Does the Emergency wathc me want to adventure a little more? To do so, they decided to build on the functional platform of the then-new Aerospace and partner with the French aviation firm Dassault to miniaturize the transmitter beacon and coiled antenna so it could fit underneath the watch itself. This click might just save your life. The form factor of this old Emergency is emergejcy as well.

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breiitling Please also note that the import of species-protected materials e. Commercial aircraft and SAR professionals watcg monitor Pressing the crown then activates these functions, while pulling it out is used for setting. After circling them for years while continuing to tread a safer path largely littered wxtch mechanical dive watches, I finally pounced. The Emergency is pure form following function and, I believe, one of the last of the true tool watches from any of the big Swiss oribter.

But Schneider spurred Breitling to develop its own model and in the Aerospace debuted, with its revolutionary crown-operated functionality and sleek aesthetics. Ina Swiss paratrooper landed in rough terrain and injured his ankle, separated from the rest of his team.


We’d be glad to help. It does come with the original box and papers, and unlike most watches, you get some very serious boxes and papers with an Qatch. They next touched down in Egypt, 20 days later, on the same line of longitude, having completed the journey successfully and with their Emergency antennae still safely stowed. What we have found here is a very limited edition version of the Emergency, called the Orbiter 3.

Two other adventurers who wore Emergencies were Bertrand Piccard now of Omega Solar Impulse fame and Brian Jones, when they set off in a high-tech helium balloon from Watcg on March 1, with the goal to circle the globe, on air currents, nonstop. And is that such a bad thing? Does this watch fit me? Item description Did the item correspond to the pictures and description? Jason Heaton November 9, You can usually pay these fees directly to the delivery service at the time of delivery.

Sell your watch quickly and easily on Chrono24 Sell a watch. It would seem that the addition of the bulbous antenna and crown fmergency make it unwieldy to wear, but it has turned out to be one of the most comfortable watches I own, thanks to the use of lightweight titanium and a reasonable 43mm diameter.

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Breitling popularized and perfected the crown-operated functionality, which still feels modern 16 years after this watch was introduced. It is perhaps the most useful watch ever created, it is a watch that can literally save your life. InBreitling was pulled from the ashes of bankruptcy by Ernest Schneider, who had a long history serving emegency the Swiss military.

The jaded and cynical among us might be inclined to say that the Emergency was merely a marketing exercise.

The Emergency has a long history at Breitling, and is anything but a marketing gimmick. It represents a pure desire to create not only a useful device but a potentially lifesaving one, with only a passing aim to make it attractive.

Krbiter might also be interested in: This part of the case is matte titanium with minimal flourish, while the crowns are polished stainless steel. And that is more than slightly maddening.


He activated his Emergency transmitter and was found in fairly short order. The locator beacon was designed to activate once the antenna was uncoiled, when it would then send a unique SOS signal on the official aviation emergency frequency of There is a fairly lengthy list of cases in which the Emergency did aid in rescues.

The watch, like all Emergencies sold, came in a large plastic briefcase, the inside of which is inscribed, “Warning: Does it make me more inclined to take additional risks, imbuing me with a false sense of security? H10 The Green Room Interviews: You may also be interested in these watches.

Well, two British pilots did that very thing on January 28th, With the antenna pulled out fully it wll broadcast for 48 hours, over flat terrain or calm seas the signal has a range of circa miles.

The beacon is activated by krbiter and releasing a long antenna off the base of the watch. No no, it was a Breitling Emergency.

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Aside from the tempting antenna, the watch functions are identical to those of a mids Aerospace: This device lets you test the radio signal without activating the distress beacon and getting you hit with a hefty fine. It was this journey that my limited edition watch commemorates and it came packaged with a signed certificate and a B-shaped swatch of shiny Mylar from the skin of that globe-circling balloon.

I recently picked up this unworn, limited edition Breitling Emergency and obiter enjoying it even more than I expected to. The Breitling Emergency Orbiter 3 The Breitling Emergency is a watch that we are sure many of you have heard about before.

This particular watch comes complete with its original box and paperwork being originally sold as new on 31st October The Emergency’s titanium back houses emerency antenae and is totally separate from the watch module.