Saba continues to wait for Irtiza at home, soon she gets a phone call informing her about the car accident, Saba gets extremely disturbed by the news and starts anxiously shivering, in the morning Saba hears a car pulling up in the driveway and she runs and finds Irtiza there! Of course, Bin Roye was just 1 hour and 58 minutes, so you will get to see a lot more intricacies in this. Add the video to your site with the embed code above. Both Saba and Irtiza go to America. Saba is very hesitant to go and meet them as she still has feelings for Irtiza, she politely declines, but is forced by the family to go and stay with them and help Saman while she is pregnant. It is a bad incident that happened! Both Saman and Irtiza are overjoyed, and feel that the guy will be a great match for her.

He says that the love he has felt for her all these years is very pure, it is the kind of love that is not selfish but selfless, this love only wants to see her happy, the love he has for her cannot be shaken up no matter how rude she is with him, no matter what she does, he can never hate her, he says “You expect me to hate you, but someone who has loved you all their life can never hate you! Irtiza replies that he cannot see the family suffer like this, so please at least for their sake at least pretend to be happy with this marriage! If only mahira khan could have played the role of Saba, only humayon saeed could ensue the charm of irtiza. Saba’s Grandmother who is aware of the situation tells Saba to calm down but in vain! Of course, in a series of 20 episodes, a lot changes. She then further starts confessing that it is because of this love she feels so guilty, because it is because of this love she cursed her sister and she is no longer in this world! Current broadcasts on Hum TV. Saba walks up to leave, but Irtiza stops her by holding her arm, Saba gets furious and starts shouting at Irtiza!

Strangely Saba accepts this, and tells him that she is absolutely fine with this arrangement and that she will not be telling her parents about it, which gets the man quite confused. A few years pass and Saba dramaa not accept the proposal of Amir, Irtiza feels disappointed, where else Saman tries to understand why Saba does not have any love interest in her life.


Rp the film adaptation, see Bin Roye. Views Read Edit View history. Saba was immature, stubborn and just too real to be a fictional character. However, tragedy occurs as Saman is hit by a car in front of Saba.

Unable to forgive herself, she feels disgusted when she finds herself married to Rkye few years down the lane. When Irtiza is asked about the same proposal, he outright rejects it stating that Saba deserves a much better man, and not a man who was married and has a kid, and that he cannot even think like this.

Bin Roye is a type of film changed into drama.

Loug Kiya Kahenge Sanwari. Saba starts confessing everything!

And, how can someone look so pretty all the time! Irtiza obliges and goes with him, while coming back from the construction site Irtiza and the friend meet with an accident!

Saman closely observes Saba enjoying and dancing in the rain, and suddenly it hits her that even Irtiza loves the rain a lot! Retrieved October 1, And because of this she bkn in love with him so deeply!

And always being there for her! Irtiza gets very hurt and angry hearing this and tells her that after they go back to Pakistan he will make the kind of arrangements that Saba will hardly have to see him at all! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Saba continues to act rudely with Irtiza in America, while Irtiza continues to be nice to her. Retrieved 27 June Upon learning she has an elder sister, Saba is at first overjoyed, but her happiness quickly turns to disdain when she finds out that Irtaza and Saman are in love and are to be married. The next day it is Maaz’s birthday, and Irtiza, Saman and Saba go out to the mall to shop for Maaz’s birthday party.

Bin Roye was originally scheduled to release between April—July[11] but latter it was announced that it would be released after Eid-ul-Adha. Retrieved September 12, Irtiza’s concern for Saba and his friendliness does not help her helplessness either.

To the extent of nearly fainting, Irtiza observes this and helps her! Soon Saba’s grandmother gets sick due to seeing Saba in such a state, she tells Saba to get married to Irtiza, Saba agrees to the marriage half-heartedly! The parents are happy to see this change in Saba. In fact, every anwoo going against bin roye drama is what had been changed from bin roye ansoo novel. In the heat of the moment Saba goes off in a separate room and in a state of anger and shock curses Saman and wishes for the fact that she dies!


Soon after when Saba wakes dramz, Irtiza tells Saba that he has always cared for her, because he has always loved her! However, Irtaza drags her to their family and tells them the truth. In an interview she explained, ” Bin Roye the drama has the same cast as in the movie, but things which were not included in movie from the novel will be seen bij drama.

Mahira khan owned the role of Saba. Both Saba and Irtiza hug each other.

Both Saman drana Saba start sharing a very close sisterly bond. Soon Saba gets another proposal from a asnoo who is 20 years older than her and has 2 kids!

Irtiza starts to develop feelings for Saba, and tries his best to bring out the same chirpy Saba that she used to be! In Julyafter the release of film, [9] [10] the drama serial went into production with same cast and crew, with Haissam Hussain replacing Momina Duraid as a co-director with Shahzad Kashmiri.

The shoot is done and most probably will on air somewhere between April and July of this year. Saba is the same, I mean, drana variation you would see is that you will see a lot more shades to her.

Bin Roye Episode 1 Full HD NEW HUM TV drama 2016

Bringing drama to the movies”. The soundtrack of the series is adapted from the film.

Bin Roye is set in Pakistan. Add the video to your dtama with the embed code above. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? Irtiza’s concern for Saba starts growing and he decides to take matters in his own hands, one day he goes to America for a business trip and goes to meet the husband there, where he sees him with his wife and children!

Bin Roye Episode 1 Full HD Hum TV Drama 2 Oct – YouTube – video dailymotion

Bin Roye title screen. Saba is heartbroken seeing this, but she collects herself and tries her best to be happy for her best friend and her sister. After completing his studies he comes back to Pakistan and Saba is extremely happy to see him. Email required Address never made public. However, for Saba, Irtiza was her whole world.