Tiana talks to Rocky about how her brothers motivate her during the challenges. Janelle and Elease respectively win Team Captain. Returning cast members Rocky, Mehgan, Paula, and Danni all feel targeted because of their veteran rank. Flo looks different maybe because she had a baby, she does seem a bit more mature, but that might change through the episodes. What do you say to that? One member of the team would use a saw to free the first teammate from the barrier behind wooden bars.

In the Battle Challenge, consisting of 3 rounds each girl was matched up in a one on-one battle being harnessed back to back by a 7-foot rope. Host Ray J instructs each of the contestants to cross the finish line with a ball, which was reduced every round in order to carry on to the next round, and those without a ball would be eliminated. So it really shocked us BGC fans when she threw in the towel because of her injuries. Mehgan worries that Camilla’s relationship with Nancy isn’t genuine. Natalie Packs and then unpacks Her Bags For some reason, Natalie is surprised that the other Bad Girls aren’t warming up to her narcisstic, cold and pretentious persona! Tension arises with Andrea, as her team feel offended with her actions during the Team Challenge.

The Top 10 Game-Changing Moments of ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’

Once every barrier is broken, the team that rings the bell first wins the Team Challenge. A cheerleader in high school, she knows the power of a pretty face after being crowned homecoming queen and winning several modeling competitions.

Camilla and Rocky win Rcky challenge and select members to be a part of the Red and Gold teams. Janelle 5 of 7 votes to eliminate. Then to dress in costume to reel in a handbag hooked to on a rope. For the Tug Of WeaveTeam Challenge each team must collect weaves in a one-on-one freestyle tug of war inside a sandpit. Did you have a strategy? We just have a really strong bond. And let’s be honest: Elease decides to plea with the Gold Team and during elimination Paula gets emotional as she is eliminated.


‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’ Season 2 Cast- Rocky

Once that teammate is released those two must use bolt cutters to create a hole in a chain link fence, to free the third teammate, those three team members would then get a ladder to throw over a wooden wall to free the fourth teammate, the four teammates would then knock the solid concrete wall into pieces using a sledgehammer to free the fifth teammate, those five teammates would then use the battering ram to bust the metal door and free the sixth teammate.

Ray J instructs each team to complete an obstacle course that involves a puzzle which unlocks a key to open a box with heels inside. Follow us on Twitter at www. Ray J comes into the house revealing to the girls that there are no more teams rocly that there will be only one battle challenge, and gifted the girls new uniforms.

bgawb Flip Through the Recap of the Finale! The final 2 girls will have their right arms tied together by a rope thing and will try and pull the other girl to their specific flag.

The final round is called Wrap Up. Episode 4 ended with a cliffhanger, and we had to sweat it out until Episode 5 to find out who got the hgasb votes at elimination: As the episode begins, Janelle and Mehgan are seen having a sdason about the previous elimination. She trains rodeo horses for a living and currently owns five of her own horses.

In part two of the reunion hosted by Tanisha Thomas, Nancy and Camilla reminisce over their steamy relationship, Paula pops off over Stephanie and Valentina’s betrayal, and Sarah and Shelly bring the battle to the stage, confronting Alicia on starting things she can’t finish.

The gold team feel pressured to win from previous elimination.

Winner’s Interview with Jenn. Sarah and Camilla win the captain’s challenge. The girls rocly to the “Give Me the Money Honey” Captain’s Challenge, each team is instructed to lather up in honey to collect coins and deposit them inside of the piggy bank, the person with the most coins collected wins Team Captain.


Bad Girls Club All Star Battle Episode 1 EMOTIONAL | Ricardo Safin

Though teams were disbanded, Red Team members continued to be an alliance. Tiana talks to Rocky about how her brothers motivate her during the challenges.

The scantily-clad boozehouse we all know and love left nothing to the imagination when she hit the Hookah Lounge and started twerkin’. Every girl eliminated was showered in cow brains and cow blood, while the remaining teammates advance to vgasb next round until the girl with the most correct answers won Team Captain.

What is she spending it on? The girls head to the “Battle Bowl” Team Challenge, which Ray J instructs the girls will basb a game of flag football in the mud.

The first girl to let go of the ring will be eliminated.

For the first time all season, Ray J loses his impartial cool, saying: During nominations for Gold team things get heated as Amy confronts her team about their loyalty. Rocky makes a decision to leave the competition because of the bull shit, but I believe it was too much for her to handle.

Did you have any idea you were going to win? Rocky disqualifies herself and Nancy from advancing to the next round for being unable to score her basket. Natalie Packs and then unpacks Her Bags For some reason, Natalie is surprised that the other Bad Girls aren’t tocky up to her narcisstic, cold and pretentious persona!

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Their main focus should be going to school, getting good grades and not having to worry about the hardships. The girls arrive to the tournament style Battle Challenge and Ray Seaskn then reveals that there will be a double elimination, the winner of the challenge would be able to nominate two contestants.