To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. Nigerian Comedian Set for Kampala Nigeria: With many different brands available and prices that can go into millions The comedienne, who started comedy in , has performed with names like David Kau, Chris Forrest among many others at big festivals such as Heavyweights Comedy. Celebrity Gossip Pallaso plans cricket oval concert this year. Timing, delivery, structure, appearance, confidence, crowd control, stage presence, maintained energy, spontaneity, raw talent, voice command, the ability to read and understand the crowd and most especially, a comedian must be effortlessly hilarious.

Entertainment News 4 days ago. Were you ever booed off stage? Kagiso, who has also performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Festival, currently host a weekly TV show called the bantu hour, which he co-host with legendary Jazz musician Hugh Masekela. Stand-up comedian Basketmouth is set to thrill comedy fans in Kampala at a show dubbed Africa Laughs. Born and raised in Abia State, Nigeria, Basket mouth real name Bright Okpocha is a comedian whose resume one cannot simply ignore. Features October 24,

Kagiso, who has also performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Festival, currently host a weekly TV show called the bantu hour, which utanda co-host with legendary Jazz musician Hugh Masekela. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. When you pick the wrong people to manage you, it is the start of the end, because they represent you, are your voice and eyes, they know what the crowd wants and look out for you.

I love the weather, the lattest, Ugandans are quite welcoming and nice with a high sense of humour, which is what every comedian loves.

My last experience was amazing and doing it again is just an awesome feeling. When you try something new and you win, you celebrate, but when you fail, you get wiser. And now I have just reminded them.

Nigerian Comedian Basket Mouth In Town For DSTV Promo – Chano8

Very intelligent and blessed with a high sense of humour, they just want to have fun and laugh. Her stand-up shows hasketmouth sold out arenas and auditoriums in major cities including London, Kuala Lumpur, Lilongwe, Gaborone and Harare. Thank you so much and please do share the great news.

Khalil currently lectures around different colleges in the United States on topics such as success and motivation.


Nigerian Comedian Basket Mouth Coming to Uganda.

God has been there for me. Andrew Kaggwa February 24, How do you handle your image in the media? Yes I have been booed off stage, about nine years ago and in all honesty, I loved that it happened.

Fans have received the News with mixed feelings but most seem excited about their artiste holding a concert since Features October 24, Kampala in Stitches This Weekend. Everything I was doing as a bassketmouth kept directing me towards the path. Ace comedian, Basketmouth, and Nollywood actress, Dakore Egbuson-Akande, have been announced as comeey for this year’s edition of the Nollywood Movies Awards.

According to Ragga Dee, he has lost more than 70,shillings during the few days his bar has been closed. God baskketmouth you all. The rib-cracking laugh squad has landed in Nairobi. However, that is not how it should comexy I have a life to live, the comedian is the guy on stage, the guy at home or on the street is Bright.

Her most recent show, Bitches Be Back, where she performed with other female South Lateet comedians has become one of the most memorable comedy shows in South African entertainment History. Carl Joshua Nqube is a Zimbabwean stand-up comedian who broke into the comedy world with his one-man show, the big announcement. It is always a great feeling when one does a concert and is called back to do it again. Basketmouth for Night of a Thousand Laughs. Andrew Kaggwa February 22, I have worked with him so many times and I have brought him to Nigeria more than 10 times, that lets you know how much I love his work.

Nigerian Comedian to Perform in Kenya

Pastor raises man from the dead but social media is not buying it. Rhoda Nabankema is one of those people you will commedy see on the TV set but she is What does it feel like being back? Basketmouth Dreaming to Host Oscars. However I can comfortably say Salvador is arguably one of my favourite comedians in Africa.

Egyptian-American Shaher Ronnie Khalil is a comedian who has toured the United States, headlined in four continents and whose comedy has been enjoyed by millions around the world.


I also fancy its history, the culture and most importantly the dancehall music I get to hear here. Who is your favourite Ugandan comedian, and why?

Were you ever booed off stage? African comedy over the last decade has showed immense growth and gained popularity, producing some of the best comedians the world has ever seen. What inspires your jokes?

Nigerian Comedian Basket Mouth Coming to Uganda.

I came with a new style and the brand was unique, so I guess people were curious and embraced me, however before I was embraced, I had to go through hell to make my way to the stage and deliver. My wife, children, siblings, my mum, friends, my extended family, my work, achievements, my life, health, the love I get from my fans, and many more things. Rock music, dancehall, rap, houseā€¦.

With our speed I am very positive that comedy in Africa will be more recognised world over in less than two years. Sam Kagwa, the manager of the crackers made it known this week that he will be coming in September. Published 15 hours ago on February 24, The closure of the bar has left Ragga Dee frustrated and with intentions to sue KCCA and seek compersation for losses incurred.

It was there that Eric became a household name and a comedy power force in the region, even performing at big events such as the African Kings of Comedy Festival in Nigeria.

What kind of music do you enjoy? The misunderstood rape joke How did you handle the situation? Who is Basket Mouth away from the stage? Blackskin is one of the biggest songwriters and he has been around for a while. After watching Eddie, I told myself that I could do it and the rest was history. He has performed all across the world from Johannesburg to Adelaide, Abuja to Nairobi alongside names such as Basket mouth, Kagiso Ladeba among many more.