I think Hades in the Jade Emperor’s body would be pretty hot. You may have started this plan, but the one to finish things was my own will. I’m absolutly agree with your thought Donna Chan September 5, at I’m like a cave woman. Mira August 31, at 2: She hurriedly ties off his bloody arm, panicked that they have no way of getting out of here. Comment Policy – Stay on topic and do not spam.

And, most importantly, the question the die-hard romcom lover is wondering: I wanna kick his cute little behind! Maybe she interfered in some other way. It was all about the bell ringing upon the death of her killer. Even more painful to see Mom always belittle him by calling him “useless. It reminds me of the series ”Twin picks” of Linch, so scary at that time I was around Overall I did thoroughly enjoy this show from start to finish, because it really did feel like thought and care was put into the construction of an entire world, where mythology and rules were important because they certainly are to me. And her soul still remained sealed inside her body, which is why she’ll just keep reviving in her own body throughout the length of the series, I would think.

She asks how he found her and he says he just happened by. She warns that they must leave the forest before the break of dawn—otherwise Eun-oh dies. I want to know more about his family.

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That’s what I thought too! I’m pretty qnd he knows that ganking girls that have sweet souls has a big don’t go there sign. One, I really don’t believe Arang and Eun Oh needed to remember their past lives in order to meet in their current lives. The recaps always shed more light on the drama, things Ive thought of and those that didn’t even cross my mind! But the interesting thing is that Eun-oh was the agent of that change… so is he the weapon?


I was pleading, please do not be the mom in disguise And why am I watching this at night? Jung Joon Won Supporting Cast. I have to admit.

Arang and the Magistrate

He had some difficulty with Lord Choi mentioned in an earlier episode. LJK is The Best So until Arang realised her action to be her willing sacrifice for another person, her character gooddtama fully grown. He runs through the forest, goodrdama northwest, southwest, northeast, and finds these corners marked with talismans hanging on trees.

Or did she only get a glimpse of his side profile? Thanks for your recaps GF episod JB. He disappeared like a ghost, but he had a body. Finally, the reason why HYJE turned Arang into bait is because he knew that she’s an escaped fermentee, and perhaps has a level of immunity from Mom’s ways, given that Arang has no more “self” to lose.

I really creeped out when Worst Mom get close to Joowal.

Can somebody tell me where i can watch ep 6 with eng subs? So, you know, thanks, for keeping my reading addicted self addicted to my drama self. No — monster mom couldn’t have eaten Arang’s soul since Arang has been a wandering ghost from the day she died, three years before. I hadn’t known SMA before this drama and she’s so lovable! He brushes aside her attempts to tell him her big news, telling her to go home and sleep.


I may be wrong, but I think she thinks the fiance and the guy who aand her over the wall may be different guys.

This drama is an exercise in thwarted expectations in the best way. Then the comments on viki started saying, “why is there a ladder in a sageuk!? Then he pulls out a second ring and holds it out for her to return the gesture. And then, JW can differentiate the evil mom’s affection to Arang’s affection to him and in the end JW will betray the evil mom.

Junki is too tired Eun Oh’s both an ex-slave’s, a magistrate’s and a shaman’s son. And the love triangle begins. Wait, were they reapers you trapped, or reapers you made?

Ah, their reincarnation is so adorable! I really love this show. It was forced and not convincing for me. I lost a bit of interest mid-drama, but after the reading the recaps, I started to watch the drama again from where I stopped.

Why did his mother force him to leave her? Thank you for the recap.