Later, Beeji displays all the gifts that they will be giving to Nimmi. Mica 25th Sep – 6: While returning home, Jassi is surprised when Naren phones her. Meanwhile, Ashok comes to see Jassi at her place. Like 0 Dislike 0. Soon, Naren arrives home and everyone is elated.

Later in the night, Jassi tries to convince Viren, but fails. Jassi finds it hard to control her happiness. The cashier at the clinic gets suspicious as Viren is looking very perturbed. Swara is cheating on ssanskar but why Poooor sanskar. I was admiring him, only a towel wrapped around his waist. Meanwhile, Ashok comes to see Jassi at her place. But hate that sahil.

Ashok expresses his disapproval to Poonam who wants to marry off Channi to an older man.

Later in the night, Viren asks Jassi if she is feeling jealous as he will be getting married soon. Arshaanya 25th Sep – 4: See more of Aadhe Adhoore – Zindagi on Facebook.

Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 3

Simin 25th Sep – 2: Nilu 26th Sep – 1: However, Jassi remains cool and gives a befitting reply. After that he engaged in his work.

Everyone is impressed to see the gifts. Aadhe Adhoore – Zindagi shared a link. However, Poonam gets irked when Jassi tells her that she does not approves of that alliance as the prospective husband is far elder than Channi.

Jassi and Viren are taken aback when the test comes out positive. He realizes that Jassi is ignoring him. However, when Viren comes to know of this, he is irked and makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying. Later, Ashok gets irked when he returns home and tells his wife, Poonam about his meeting with Jassi.


Viren is equally disturbed. Next Post bin tere…. Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 3 – Video Dailymotion. Later, Viren gifts a beautiful necklace to Jassi. I closed my eyes in pleasure.

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Overview Aadhe Adhoore is the story of Jassi, the daughter-in-law of a Punjabi family. I trust u hubs.

Jassi is shocked when Viren makes it clear that he is not ready to get married. His aadhd was clearly saying what he wanted. Jassi is talking casually with Viren, not knowing that Beeji is looking for her. Afhure assures Naren that there is nothing to worry about. Later in the night, when Viren comes home, he is surprised to find Jassi waiting for him for dinner. Watch Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi.

However, Poonam rejects the alliance and walks away. Vyshu10 25th Sep – 4: She also tells Jassi that Viren will not be the same after marriage. NDSG 25th Sep – 3: Then suddenly I feels two hands caressing my belly. Viren is shocked when he realizes his mistake. Beeji tells Jassi to take care of herself. Later, Jassi casually asks Channi about her mad of dreams. Beeji tries to make peace between Jassi and Viren and advices them to start preparing for the wedding day.


However, Viren makes it clear that he does not wish to get married.

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Nimmi and Viren have good time while shopping together. The story is about Jassi’s love affair with her brother-in-law Varinder outside her marriage.

Jassi is equally petrified. Jassi lives with her mother-in-law Saroj and her brother-in-law Varinder. Just then ragini came inside the room without knocking. Page 1 of 1. Though Jassi tries to comfort her, but of no avail. Stay adhurf to andtvuk this weekend to watch aadheadhoore at 7. Sections of this page.

Aadhe Adhoore

Channi is surprised to Naren getting up early in the aadhe. Home Fan Fiction Aadhe adhure — the incomplete desire episode 2. Nimmi tells her that everyone in her family is upset because of his behaviour. Mon – Fri, 7: This leaves Jassi tensed and she expresses her doubts of being pregnant to Viren.