And Subaru is Subaru of course, he always sings full of emotion, but it’s controlled not over the top, love love love it. I actually liked their rainbow costume…: I’ve been searching here and there and can’t seem to find any and if there are any, they’re all dead links: And then on Music Station, Ryo messed up on guitar during Ohkura’s choice solo part, so I thought it made the song look bad even though Ryo sweetly and cutely apologized for it. If you would like to share downloads, please lock the post. I thought it was fitting to do a huge recap. I know it’s not even a DVD concert, but its their best performances in my eyes, I love the set list and I really really really love the band part.

Thanks for your comment!! P oh, yeah, there might’ve been eighters who were affected huh. I might need to watch them all again. I was originally going to write it in English, but I switched to Japanese because it really doesn’t apply to the English-speaking part of their fandom quite so much. I’ve been looking for it for a while! Ah, no, I don’t.

Please could I get this as well? Nah, take your time for ExE. And Subaru is Subaru of course, he always sings full of emotion, but it’s controlled not over the top, love love love it.

8UPPERS – English subs? – ☆ The Kanjani’s Eden ☆

I loved the way you expressed that. Thanks for your lovely comment! Lord, i miss em.

Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. This was a fun two and half weeks with you, and i will post that picture everywhere to prove it. I was always behind in reading them. This time tomorrow, I hope to be flailing over 8est, if DHL doesn’t let me down which is entirely possible Tsubusa really is one of the most special songs to me. It took me four days because I have work and other commitments, so I just want to spend this coming weekend in front of the TV watching the whole thing.


Hmm, I think a lot of people get stuff from jpopsuki or jpddl. My favorite is 8upper,maybe because it’s the first dvd concert that i watch. I’ve looked up lyrics for a couple of songs, but that’s about it.

I love to watch j dorama. I’m a new eighter and i’m really thankful. Played “spot the Kansai junior”. A lot of my friends 8upers indie groups from North America or England and I’m the only one who really likes j-pop. P oh, yeah, there might’ve been eighters who were affected huh.

Does anyone know where I can watch a Japanese movie called 8uppers ?

I live in the States Atlanta to be exactand when i saw the earthquake on the news, i literally cried and prayed for everyone in Japan. Secondly, thank you for your review. I hope you will continue movle awesome work. And I watched most of Excite! Please check out their pimp posts here!

Aww, I’m really happy that you kept up with me! As i was scrolling down, i was thinking where’s desire?

Reply Parent Thread Link. Always happy to help when I can in the fandom! It will always be one of their best ballads. Yep, hes actually a kid! I did like 8ssai, but it’s kind of like Countdown because 8uppees only singing songs that they really love.

No matter what he does nothing gonna change my love for him lol Sorry for being out of topic ;P Because there’re so many bad rumors about him lately so, I just want engliish say something for him XDDD. I’m so poor because of these guys! The more i learn about them the more i’m in love with them, all of them, not just ryo.


8Uppers () – MyDramaList

About Cool Magic City loving the beat and the fact that it’s a fun but not silly song – agree! It’s a long concert and you also do bonus discs, so that’s just a lot of work to do when 8EST is out. I already started capping their MC digest disc because it was just too funny, but it’s not going to be a very complete review because honestly, some MC bits are not as interesting as movue.

It has been eliminated from the community by the members’ votes. Of course it has to be here! Enblish could check there.

I’ve almost forgotten about this Spirits version, thank you for reminding me: I have a link to all of the associated files subbed by eitokickass. Ah, no, I don’t. Glad you’ve made it through and made us all happy with your awesome summaries and highlights.

I’ve been enjoying your reviews. I still understood what you wanted to say. Syb do have a some rules which can be found on the userinfo page.